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Saturday, September 25, 2010

G S this week Sep 27- Oct 1st

George at CBC Culture Days' evening concert
 with Bob M jr and Jian G.
 The Strombo Show and Radio 2 Morning on CBC Radio 2 were well represent as was Q  with Jian Ghomeshi, from CBC Radio One, at the evening's free concert for CBC Culture Days at Yonge Dundas Square this past Thursday night. 

is all new and coming to you from 8pm until midnight every Sunday on your 
local radio frequency or can be enjoyed online.  
Sunday all new G12 - Robert plant - one of the best albums ever album side (Floyd the wall) Plus a Jackson Rathbone request.
Bob Mackowycz Jr will not be on the show this week with George but will be back next week talking about music in one of those hours. 
I think there may be some mention of Neil Young and you can trust that Tom Waits will be played somewhere close to 10 pm.

This week on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Monday Sept 27
George talks to political journalist and friend of the show

 Actors Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez

who are father and son. They worked on a film together called The Way.
Emilio directed.

Tuesday Sept 28 
Brilliant Scottish Comedian Billy Connolly
is soon kicking off his Canadian tour.  
Wednesday Sept. 29
This beloved Oscar winning Actor talks about his directorial debut "Jack Goes Boating"

Thursday Sept. 30 
The Oscar winning director has a new film out  'Waiting For Superman'
George talks to Davis Guggenheim about this film and the state of education in America.

Friday Oct. 1
Gene Simmons and his strong and lovely 'wife' Shannon Tweed
are still selling the Family Jewels. It's in season V.  
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Friday, September 24, 2010

I have a question for you.

We are doing a little survey.  
I am at loose ends after George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight rolls the credits. There is that extra time that has been occupied by the show and now is not. What do I do with that time? What do you do with that time?  Please take a moment and answer our poll. You can chose more than one answer.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The CBC would like to introduce you to their stars

Thursday, September 23
The CBC is introducing it's best talents in a full day of live broadcasts, music and events where there will be Q & A plus a chance to meet and greet CBC's radio and television personalities. 
The event takes place at Yonge Dundas Square in the heart of Toronto.  If you are in the GTA try to stop by and check it out!
It begins at 9 am, runs all day and wraps up with a two hour concert ending at 9:30pm.

It starts with Jian Ghomeshi hosting Q live with Mark Critch (22 Minutes), Erin Karpluk (Being Erica), Robert Herjavec (Dragons’ Den), City and Colour (Dallas Green) and Zeus.

Following that  the Q & A panel include Matt Galloway, Jian Ghomeshi, Anna-Maria Tremonti , Bob Mackowycz, Peter Armstrong and Anne-Marie Mediwake.

There will be time to meet them and other personalities from the CBC 

Steven and Chris go Live at noon. You may know their guests Debbie Travis, Kari Osmond, Joe Mimran (Joe Fresh) and cast members from Battle of the Blades

Then you can meet them after the show.

The afternoon includes Shakespearean play fighting, CBC Kids Live and Here and Now Live.

Meet them and more!

at 7:30 CBC Live! A Music Event hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, Bob Mackowycz and George Stroumboulopoulos
Featuring Great Lake Swimmers, Bedouin Soundclash and Sloan.

More details can be found on CBC Events group on facebook

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to Season 7/1...

Here we go...

Back to school, back to work and time to launch a fresh Season of entertainment. New Strombo Shows on the airwaves on CBC Radio 2 from 8pm-Midnight and on Monday, September 20th it's the launch of Season 7 of the show formerly known as The Hour -- George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

So, a name change to the program, a new run time of 30 minutes and the promise of more online content to help meet the needs and desires of how people consume television today. Give me what I want, when I want it... While I'm sure there will be bitching - I am still laughing at those who seem to want them to keep the name 'The Hour' after it's been well documented that the show is now 30 minutes - well to those people I kindly suggest they get a watch or some numeracy training. Pronto. I was able to attend one of the pretaping taping sessions done during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that featured Paul Haggis and Aamir Khan and I think that viewers will be pleasantly surprised at both the revamped set and that George is able to take a bit more time with each guest to bring about an even more natural and entertaining conversation.

Monday September 20th

Robert Plant

Arguably the King of all Front men from his time in Led Zeppelin - those who followed Robert Plant`s lead are merely pretenders to the throne. Zeppelin's music was powerful, animalistic and highly sexually charged. In fact, I am sure there are thousands of people who owe their very existence to the fact that their parents were put well into the mood listening to Zep. In later years, Plant has done work with his former bandmate Jimmy Page, teamed up with Bluegrass sweetheart Alison Krauss. His latest is called `Band of Joy`.

Tuesday, September 21st

Paul HaggisOscar winning filmmaker, London Ontario native, disgruntled Scientologist and passionate supporter of Haiti`s rebuilding efforts - this conversation with Paul Haggis is wide ranging. He purports to be a pretty selfish person - but I think, having heard this interview, you`ll find him to be anything but.

Wednesday, September 22nd

Anthony Bourdain At the forefront of the `Celebrity Chef` phenomenon was superstar, bad boy chef and Author of Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain. Hard fought success and overcoming excess are central to his story. Highly outspoken and brash - he was the first chef likened to a rock star.

Thursday June 22nd

Zach Galafianakis

Though he`d been a very popular stand up comedian for years, it wasn`t till his breakout role in the huge hit `The Hangover` that Zach Galifianakis first hit the big time. With hits like Dinner for Schmucks - which I still have yet to see - and his cult following celebrity interviews on the wildly funny Between Two Ferns - which I have watched many times over. Sean Penn and Ben Stiller might be my favourites are definite must sees on the website Funny or Die.

Friday, September 24th
Molly Parker
She is best known for working on quirky projects like Deadwood and Six Feet Under - actress Molly Parker is currently promoting the film - Trigger.
And Musical Guest....
Like director and a guest earlier in the week, Paul Haggis, Shad spent his formative years in London Ontario. A critical darling and commercial success, Shad has been a favourite in the Polaris Prize competition for 2 years out of the last three. Impressive indeed. His 2010 release is TSOL.

Speaking of the Polaris Prize - the Gala selection night and celebration is taking place on Monday night. My bet is on Dan Mangan but you never know -- the fate is in the hands of the Grand Jury who will deliberate on the ultimate winner during the Gala... down to the wire.
Have a great week and enjoy the launch of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. I am sure the crew would love to see you at a taping so if you are in or intend on visiting Toronto, check out the show website and request your tickets today...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Hours

What's coming up this week on The Hour, you ask? More re-runs? Alas yes, it's true, but fret no more friends....this is the LAST week for them & the last week for the show formerly known as:
The Hour

Monday, Sept. 13
Ugh, what can I say? It was a Monday

Tuesday, Sept. 14
Singer Rosanne Cash, director Kevin Smith & actress Saoirse Ronan

Wednesday, Sept. 15
Actor Bruce Greenwood, comedian Danny Bhoy & hip-hop group Cypress Hill

Thursday, Sept. 16
Actor Jay Baruchel, director Jacob Tierney & musician Rufus Wainwright

Friday, Sept. 17
Actor Christopher Plummer & actor Jake Gyllenhaal

Tune in next week for a blast of freshness!
New Website:
Sept. 19th
New Season: #7 to be exact - Sept. 20th
New Name: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
New run-time: 30 minutes
New interviews: Fresh from TIFF & pre-tapes
New set? Yes, according to my TO gals
New hair? Tune in to check
New piercings? Only George can say

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Enjoy the full Hour.

The Labour day week begins with Summer 2010 soundtrack on The Strombo Show Sunday night 8 to12.
"On the radio, we're back for a second season with The Strombo Show on the Nation's Music Station CBC Radio 2, and looking forward to bringing you some great music all year. We will officially be back September 19th with all new shows, but we missed the airwaves, so this week, we're bringing you some of our favourite summer Tracks of 2010, as well as some of yours... Thanks for all the requests... We have the best listeners."
You get the full HOUR Monday through Friday for the next two weeks!

Monday Sept 06
George interviews U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rock Band Nickelback, Musician Engelbert Humperdink.

Tuesday Sept 07
George talks to The Trotsky's Jay Baruchel and Jacob Tierney and Musician Rufus Wainwright.

Wednesday Sept 08
On the show Peter Nowak, George Romero, and a musical performance by The Novaks.

Thursday Sept 09
George interviews Meatloaf, Caroline Rhea, and Michelle Forbes

Friday Sept 10 
George chats with Actress Catherine O'Hara, Author Nick Hornby, and Actress Drew Barrymore

If you are in the GTA you can come see George at a TIFF Free Block Party September 12th. It will take place on King St. between John St and Peter.
George will be introducing a surprise music performance. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

Pre Season taping begins

 If you are going to be in the Toronto September 9th, 10th 11th or 15th. You can see TIFF interviews for the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.
Get to the ticket page and reserve your TIFF tickets.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes...

When you're finished changing, you're finished. Benjamin Franklin

Good advice and one of my favourite quotes. Change is inevitable, healthy and if you think you're immune to it, life and opportunity soon passes you by...

To that end, a snapshot of the long promised changes to the show formerly known as 'The Hour' were announced today by CBC. In the press release, George Stroumboulopoulos was quoted as stating 'We're never going to change the core values of the show - in a sense the show is going to be the same'.

What is promised as we flash forward to September 20th, 2010 and the launch of the 7th Season will actually be the launch of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight - a revamped 'Hour' that features more online content, including an interactive website and a new Youtube Channel. It's more in keeping in how people consume television these days -- seeking content they want, when they want it.

Of course, with change also comes resistance and these changes as well as other details/tweaks to be rolled out in a few weeks are not immune to criticism and discussion and I suspect the name change will be the main topic of debate - in fact, it's already begun. Why change the name of 'The Hour'? You've got recognition there and it's a simple name to remember. Here are a few advantages of the name change:

Kids today can't spell for sh%t. Renaming 'The Hour' George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight represents an opportunity for outreach into our schools. If you can spell Stroumboulopoulos, eventually you might be able to spell words and phrases more complex than LOL, UR, LMAO and BRB. At least, one can only hope...

There can be cross promotion and cost savings in the production process. There is the matter of a program in the States called 'George Lopez Tonight'. I will cop to not knowing the intricacies of television production but hell, dub in 'Strombo' for 'Lopez' and that my friends is value. This suggestion is tailored for the one track mind CBC haters who are convinced that nothing's been right in the world since they took the Beachcombers off the air.
Lastly, with the recent successful legal victory to legalize Mixed Martial Arts in Ontario, there are lots of part time pursuits that the team can take advantage of with this change. Juice up the host and in no time, you can take advantage of interesting and lucrative opportunities. Yes. GSP taking on GST. Okay, maybe not.

In all seriousness, I like the name 'The Hour' but identifying the program directly with the host in the longer term is a smart strategy. The new name will take some getting used to. Like other viewers I have enjoyed the previous incarnation but that doesn't mean that there are things that could perhaps be done better, or at least differently. It's a process and it's the weak that are afraid to try something new. Be bold. Be fearless.

My hope as a viewer and an epic music fan is that the new format allows for more live musical performances, particularly to highlight the variety and depth of talent of Canadian musicians. With the increase in online content of the show and the viral nature of internet content - this can be a win win for both the show on the air and on the web. New theme song perhaps? Time will soon tell.

Good luck to the team as they work to launch a successful season featuring some great Ch-ch-ch-changes.