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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Hours

What's coming up this week on The Hour, you ask? More re-runs? Alas yes, it's true, but fret no more friends....this is the LAST week for them & the last week for the show formerly known as:
The Hour

Monday, Sept. 13
Ugh, what can I say? It was a Monday

Tuesday, Sept. 14
Singer Rosanne Cash, director Kevin Smith & actress Saoirse Ronan

Wednesday, Sept. 15
Actor Bruce Greenwood, comedian Danny Bhoy & hip-hop group Cypress Hill

Thursday, Sept. 16
Actor Jay Baruchel, director Jacob Tierney & musician Rufus Wainwright

Friday, Sept. 17
Actor Christopher Plummer & actor Jake Gyllenhaal

Tune in next week for a blast of freshness!
New Website:
Sept. 19th
New Season: #7 to be exact - Sept. 20th
New Name: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
New run-time: 30 minutes
New interviews: Fresh from TIFF & pre-tapes
New set? Yes, according to my TO gals
New hair? Tune in to check
New piercings? Only George can say

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