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Friday, September 24, 2010

I have a question for you.

We are doing a little survey.  
I am at loose ends after George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight rolls the credits. There is that extra time that has been occupied by the show and now is not. What do I do with that time? What do you do with that time?  Please take a moment and answer our poll. You can chose more than one answer.


Trudy said...

...I change the channel. I wonder what they did end up scheduling after the show?

Barbara said...

Each day they schedule a different comedy show. Rick Mercer Report, Ron James Show, 22 Minutes and the Halifax Comedy fest. So CBC offers some laughs at the end of the day in case you missed those shows in prime time.

Anonymous said...

I thank God it's over.

Anonymous said...

I see Allan has changed his name to anonymous.

darla said...

The CBC can sell that extra air time to George...
I suspect, they will stay with Cdn comedy.

Barbara said...

Other is ahead in the poll. I think "other" might represent sleep for most of you. I didn't even think of sleep.