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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to Season 7/1...

Here we go...

Back to school, back to work and time to launch a fresh Season of entertainment. New Strombo Shows on the airwaves on CBC Radio 2 from 8pm-Midnight and on Monday, September 20th it's the launch of Season 7 of the show formerly known as The Hour -- George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.

So, a name change to the program, a new run time of 30 minutes and the promise of more online content to help meet the needs and desires of how people consume television today. Give me what I want, when I want it... While I'm sure there will be bitching - I am still laughing at those who seem to want them to keep the name 'The Hour' after it's been well documented that the show is now 30 minutes - well to those people I kindly suggest they get a watch or some numeracy training. Pronto. I was able to attend one of the pretaping taping sessions done during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that featured Paul Haggis and Aamir Khan and I think that viewers will be pleasantly surprised at both the revamped set and that George is able to take a bit more time with each guest to bring about an even more natural and entertaining conversation.

Monday September 20th

Robert Plant

Arguably the King of all Front men from his time in Led Zeppelin - those who followed Robert Plant`s lead are merely pretenders to the throne. Zeppelin's music was powerful, animalistic and highly sexually charged. In fact, I am sure there are thousands of people who owe their very existence to the fact that their parents were put well into the mood listening to Zep. In later years, Plant has done work with his former bandmate Jimmy Page, teamed up with Bluegrass sweetheart Alison Krauss. His latest is called `Band of Joy`.

Tuesday, September 21st

Paul HaggisOscar winning filmmaker, London Ontario native, disgruntled Scientologist and passionate supporter of Haiti`s rebuilding efforts - this conversation with Paul Haggis is wide ranging. He purports to be a pretty selfish person - but I think, having heard this interview, you`ll find him to be anything but.

Wednesday, September 22nd

Anthony Bourdain At the forefront of the `Celebrity Chef` phenomenon was superstar, bad boy chef and Author of Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain. Hard fought success and overcoming excess are central to his story. Highly outspoken and brash - he was the first chef likened to a rock star.

Thursday June 22nd

Zach Galafianakis

Though he`d been a very popular stand up comedian for years, it wasn`t till his breakout role in the huge hit `The Hangover` that Zach Galifianakis first hit the big time. With hits like Dinner for Schmucks - which I still have yet to see - and his cult following celebrity interviews on the wildly funny Between Two Ferns - which I have watched many times over. Sean Penn and Ben Stiller might be my favourites are definite must sees on the website Funny or Die.

Friday, September 24th
Molly Parker
She is best known for working on quirky projects like Deadwood and Six Feet Under - actress Molly Parker is currently promoting the film - Trigger.
And Musical Guest....
Like director and a guest earlier in the week, Paul Haggis, Shad spent his formative years in London Ontario. A critical darling and commercial success, Shad has been a favourite in the Polaris Prize competition for 2 years out of the last three. Impressive indeed. His 2010 release is TSOL.

Speaking of the Polaris Prize - the Gala selection night and celebration is taking place on Monday night. My bet is on Dan Mangan but you never know -- the fate is in the hands of the Grand Jury who will deliberate on the ultimate winner during the Gala... down to the wire.
Have a great week and enjoy the launch of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. I am sure the crew would love to see you at a taping so if you are in or intend on visiting Toronto, check out the show website and request your tickets today...


Barbara said...

The theme song remains the same. Just so you know.

Philip said...

I just saw the show.It seems so jam packed. With that Michael Ignatieff interview the interviews seem rushed,I don't think that there will always be 2 interviews, well maybe on days with performances. Do you guys think that, even though George still does the news and talks current affairs, that there will be an emphasis on celebrity interviews in the latter part of the show or is that just due to the TIFF tapings?

Some things I have noticed tonight.

1. Interesting that George is back reciting the bios. Has Jenn left the show? I thought the whole point to her doing it was because, as someone stated on this blog lastyear that George was just repeating stuff he would ask the guest about stuff that he had just confirmed in their bio. I guess the bios are longer as well.

2. The guests come out after the bio is read. They usually are already in the chair when the bio is done.

3. It was kind of strange to see all the close ups of George during the interview with Plant. I wonder why they did that.

All in all, I liked the show but it's still a bit jarring with all these changes. I mean last year's changes were minor compared to what they did this year. I know I should embrace change, but I kind of wish they would have done it a bit more gradually

Barbara said...

You are probably right about the TIFF interviews but he has Deepak chopra on the show next week for example so I think it will be a balance of guests from all sides.

I think George is doing his own bios again because he has more time. there was probably a popular demand that he do them plus there was a change of writers. I don't know the details.

The guest is just offstage now when the bio is read then they come on stage. It's a subtle different.

I think the camera crew are the same crew as before. Maybe because of the changes to the set the way it's shot got changed. The lighting is now LED lights maybe that's a factor in it. I could ask.

Thanks for asking Philip.

escalante blogger said...

Sounds very interesting.