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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is on The Hour 22 to 26?

This just in
Georges per
sonal website has been updated with a new look.
Check it out!
This week in Strombo

The Strombo Show

Sunday night from 8 to midnight in any Canadian time zone.
You can leave you song request all week long via skype (strombo show)
or call 416-205-6226

Four hours of music selected or approved by George Stroumboulopoulos
featuring the Dirty Dozen, t
he top 12 songs.
The Sad Off with Bob Mackowycz Jr and a selection of songs with Rich Terfry
Is CBC Radio 2 your new favourite music station?

Also of note: there is a new Strombo Show Chat group hosted/monitored by ded
icated fans available on skype under the name Strombo Show Chat open Sundays as the show broadcasts. Check it out them and join in the conversation

This week on The Hour
It takes a nation to raise your kids continues.
your participation is encouraged!
See The Hour's website for more details


Director Michael Moore talks about health care

a chat with acclaimed horror author and comic book writer
and son of Stephen King
Joe Hill

Olympic Skeleton gold medal Champion Jon Montgomery


Director of Chloe

and director of many other great Canadian films
Atom Egoyan

Musician Dan Hill

If not Wednesday maybe soon....
Former senior writer of The Hour and star of Dan For Mayor
Paul Bates
who we featured in the previous post.
Wednesday evening The Hour studio is being used as a set in a movie.
More on that in another post soon.


24 years with Hockey Night In Canada, Coach Don Cherry

from the Brady Bunch, Actor Christopher Knight

Armenian Canadian film Director Atom Egoyan,
A little sex therapy with Singer Robin Thicke
Singer and King of the Dance Chubby Checker


Anonymous said...

The "NEW" website is not that new. It is simply redesigned. Heaven forbid that there be NEW conent. Even the playlist is from December.

That segment with the kids, while amusing, needs to feature an older kid who can actually communicate clearly.

voicefax said...

Interesting that George is having all these old TV stars on first Jamie Farr , then Mindy Cohn now Chris Knight.... Also as per below, I believe Jamie Farr was last on Friday night and they had an alternate ending as well. Guess his run in "Tuesdays with Morrie" is over. Still, I don't understand why they just edit that part out and go to a commercial break and come back for the end. Still, it doesn't bother me.!!!

Interesting guest list nonetheless for this week. Though did m y ears deceive me. I turned on the end of the start of Wednesday's episode. He was talking about having to watch some Miley Cyrus movie, because her or one of her co stars was coming on the show this week? Did anybody else hear that? I guess they canceled the appearance.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to The Hour this year? WORST. SEASON. EVER.