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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March Break? Nah... Fresh Shows this Week, Kids!

Daylight savings time giving you a kick in the ass? Yes. Me too! Springing ahead is not all it's cracked up to be. I think now that I've finally set clocks/microwaves/cars/phones, I might just have it nailed! Regardless of the time zone you may be in, why not kick off your week with some great tunes, fun conversation with George Bob and friends on CBC Radio 2? If you're busy or still unclear of the actual time, then just pick a time zone...any time zone and tune in online.

Monday March 15th

Even to music fans who aren't partial to the genre's of metal and hard rock tend to know and appreciate the incredible guitar talent embodied in one of the most recognizable and versative guitarists of the modern era... Slash. While he'll forever be known as a founding member of Guns 'N Roses, he's never stopped working on high profile session work and side projects like the highly successful Velvet Revolver. His latest solo work 'Slash' will include an appearance by Ozzy Osbourne --- excited --- and Fergie. Whaaat? Really? I'll reserve judgement on that one.
He's come a long way from being one of the original, mullet headed VJ's at MuchMusic when he was known as JD Roberts to being a distinguished and serious anchor on CNN. Never shying away from his past, Roberts' time at Much saw him helm The New Music -- a show no longer in production but one that was a standard bearer for indepth, meaningful coverage of the music business that recognized and respected the power of what had already happened in music and what was ABOUT to happen.
Tuesday March 16th
Have you ever felt pressure to join the family business and follow in your folks' footsteps? Many have. Imagine though that your parents are in the Wrestling game... Canadian and former WWF Champion Bret Hart doesn't have to imagine it. He lived it. His brother and fellow wrestler was tragically killed while working on staging a wrestling move. His life is one of dramatic highs and lows... one day a Champion and the next, the victim of incredible betrayal by the owner of WWF - Vince McMahon who blindsided Hart when he was not allowed to follow through with an agreed upon exit strategy that would allow Bret to retire with some dignity.
Wednesday, March 17th
Icon. It's a title that is thrown about a bit too freely. Buffy Sainte Marie IS an icon. She's known for her music, her pursuasive and determined advocacy for aboriginal issues. She is timeless... even after being a performer for over 40 years. Her devoted following ensures she can tour as she wishes, playing to appreciative houses throughout North America and the World.

Thursday March 18th
Mystery and Intrigue...
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Friday, March 19th
Best of Friday Show featuring previously loved interviews with:



voicefax said...

I had two small questions about The Hour "Best of" episodes.

1. Do they edit some of the interviews from the regular days. I know they must as the "best of" episodes feature 3 interviews rather than only 2. I just really noticed it last Friday what with Dave Stewart's interview being on again a day later and I believe his interview was two parts on Thursday and one on Friday.

2. Also, How many versions of the ending does George tape? I thought George thanks the celebrity guests after their interview than takes a break and then returns gives a little thank you and then says "Here's tomorrow's headline today". I swear that I heard him say wrap up straight after thanking Mindy Cohn. I don't remember the original episode, but I believe he thanked her and then went to break before saying goodbye. Do they tape 2 endings, one for the regular day one for the "best of"?

Also it looks as if the "Best Story Ever"s are all gone. I don't think that there will be anymore. It's also interesting that they haven't put all the good Best Of's up in the video section. "I notice that there is only one Best Story from this season and they are missing the Craig Ferguson story as well as the one told by our very own Barb.

Barbara said...

They do tape two ending to interviews sometimes... One ending might remind the viewer of an upcoming movie or play the guest is doing and the other ending is more generic because the event might be over. I do think the Friday show interviews are edited for time.

Some of the older Best Stories Ever can be found on youtube... The one with me might be gone for good.

They don't do many Best Story Ever this season. It's too bad.