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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paul Bates in a new job

Paul Bates makes an appearance at The Hour
Recently I was in the audience of a taping of The Hour and they had an old friend dropping by to have a chat on the red chairs with George Stroumboulopoulos about his new hit show.
Toronto born, Second City alumni Paul Bates who was the senior writer of The Hour for three seasons. You may have seen him in many of the cold openings and other sketches in his time at The Hour.
After his interview he told one or two Best Stories Ever. He then hung out to chat with his old co-workers who were very happy to see him again and glad to catch up.
Keep an eye out for a BSE from Paul coming up on The Hour.
A funny story, very well told!

Paul was in the studio to talk about his new job, as he has recently been seen staring in a new sit com, Dan For Mayor (CTV) on Monday nights. If you have not caught an episode yet you can catch up online.
See Dan For Mayor link
Paul Bates
plays Jeff the manager of a copy shop who becomes the campaign manager for his bartender friend Dan (Fred Ewanuick) . Paul proves he is not just a very good writer and sketch player but an excellent comedic actor.

I really like Paul's comedic style and got to chat with him then take this picture at the CBC when he was in line to fondle the Stanley Cup a couple of years ago.

I have also seen him live on stage a number of times in acts around Toronto such as the Williamson Playboys and The Panel Show.
He is home now with a new baby boy who was kind enough to be born after Dan For Mayor's first season was finished filming.

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