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Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's up for the week beginning May 17...

By now, most of our readers are likely enjoying the first long weekend of the 'summer ', compliments of a woman named Victoria. Be it beverages on a patio, steaks on the barbeque, taking in a fireworks spectacular or what promises to be a blockbuster, we hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Even with a holiday, the business of radio and television continues on! The week starts with another edition of The Stombo Show. Listen here from 5-8 pm EST.

Coming up on The Hour this week:
Monday, May 18th

New Zealand born, Australian raised and Nashville tweaked, award winning country artist Keith Urban. He has a new CD Defying Gravity. I was contemplating making a naughty comment about the CD's title...but I'll just say this, Keith is my favourite of Nicole Kidman's husbands that have appeared on The Hour...this is the other one.

Freelance journalist and the author of Fight Club, Choke and Pygmy, Chuck Palahniuk.

Tuesday, May 19th

"It was for self-preservation. I got sick of taking him to the park and sitting there for hours freezing to death." ~ Walter Gretzky, Canada's most famous hockey dad, on building an ice rink for his son.

Q: If Mr. Gretzky built an ice rink for his son Wayne, do you think Mr. Fraser ever gave his daughter Sheila an abacus?

Whether she had an abacus or not, Quebec native Sheila Fraser has done quite well as Canada's first female Auditor General since her installation in 2001. All joking aside, Ms. Fraser's job is a very important one. Put simply, she makes sure that public money is being spent appropriately, as intended. On May 12th, Fraser's office released the Spring Audit Report.

Wednesday, May 20th

Kreskin at Ottawa Ex. Pictures, Images and Photos

Making a return visit to The Hour, The Amazing Kreskin. If you missed his last appearance, it can be viewed here.

Also, there is to be another guest on the show this day. However, as this post is being written, we have no confirmation as to just who that will be. Hmmmm...I wonder if Kreskin knows?!?!

Thursday, May 21st

Johnny Damon Pictures, Images and Photos

New York Yankees outfielder #18, Johnny Damon.

The current Deputy Chair of the TD Financial Group, former New Brunswick Premier and Ambassador to the US, Frank McKenna.

Friday, May 22nd
To end the week, the 'best of' show':
Comedian John Pinette.
In other news...
This season of The Hour is winding down. BUT, tickets are still available!

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