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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Should the Canadian government get involved?

For those of you interested in participating, The Hour's Forum has a fascinating discussion going on in regards to the Toronto Sri Lanka protest that took place on Monday.
'Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka, Toronto Protests'

Personally, I don't condone that they "distrupted" highway traffic or that they brought/used their children to bring about media attention, however, I do appreciate that they brought to light the war in Sri Lanka to the Canadian masses. I knew of, but very little about the situation as a whole & though I may not agree with how they went about it, I am glad to be more informed, which I do believe was their intent.

Here's a account of the
The National's
broadcast from May 11 (Starts about a minute into it). In particular an interview with Melanie Brooks, a Canadian in the CARE camps for the displaced people in Northern Sri Lanka (4:35 into it).

Searching around the net, I found a couple of informative links from the Tamil's perspective:

Stop Sri Lanka State Terrorism

Please note that some of the images/statements shown through these links may be extremely disturbing to viewers.

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