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Friday, May 01, 2009

We Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Sunday brings so many things... a desire to sleep in, perhaps a brunch featuring strong coffee and good friends. In Radioland, Sunday brings The Strombo Show for 3 hours of good music, interesting chat and perhaps even a live performance for good measure. Tune in From 5-8pm on the Corus Radio network or Listen online HERE.

Meanwhile, back on the Tube....

You couldn't avoid in the many CBC Promos. Hockey season is thankfully winding down and so for your viewing pleasure, The Hour will return to it's normal time slot at 11pm with all new interviews.

As well, tune in to see a week long Serial or 'Everything You Wanted to Know' on the topic of Identity Theft and Computer Fraud featuring youthful Canadian hacker extrordinaire - Mafiaboy. My key question... if someone steals my identity, are they liable to pay the balance on my Mastercard? Pretty please? Monday May 4th

Dr. David Waltner-Towes

Remember the good old days when only Michael Jackson wore a surgical mask in public? Swine flu is top of mind these days. Is the situation truly an epidemic headed to a pandemic? What are the true origins? The good Doctor will likely have much to say about Canada's preparedness. As a Professor at the University of Guelph, expert in the field of food borne illness and the author of 'Food, Sex and Salmonella', I'm sure all hope for a frank yet ultimately reassuring discussion.

Tuesday May 5th

Bruce Greenwood

Some actors have it. The swagger. The presence. Bruce Greenwood has it in spades. Whether he's in a small indie picture or a big budget studio film, the man owns the screen. He's worked to great acclaim in collaboration with another of this week's guests - Atom Egoyan in Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter. I still love his turn as a man who gets what's coming to him in 'Double Jeopardy'. Oh yes.. he's also in some little 2009 release called Star Trek.

Nandan Nilekani

Software entrepreneur, Chairperson of Infosys Technologies and author of Imagining India: Ideas for the New Century, Mr. Nilekani is a powerful force for change in the economy of India. In a world where there's still a lack of understanding of how India impacts our markets and global competitiveness, this promises to be a telling discussion.

Wednesday May 6th

Atom Egoyan

Brilliantly talented Canadian writer and Director Atom Egoyan's work is never mainstream, yet incredibly accessible should you give his movies a chance. From Exotica to The Sweet Hereafter and many more films, Egoyan paints stories in his own unique style.

His latest is Adoration which looks phenomenal. Most recently he wrapped shooting on Chloe starring Liam Neeson. Egoyan has publicly praised Neeson's professionalism and commitment to the movie in the wake of his return to complete his final scenes mere days after the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson.
Daniel Sekulich

As informed as folks try to be, I can't be alone at my initial surprise at the many recent incidences and desperate actions taken by these modern day pirates. It's 2009 after all! To put some perspective on this, author of 'Terror on the Seas: True Tales of Modern Day Pirates', Daniel Sekulich will take to the Red Chair.

Thursday May 7th

Christopher Hitchens

Famed for his Atheist themed writings, he's always provocative and often polarizing... Christopher Hitchens returns to The Hour. A contributing writer to Vanity Fair and author of 'God is Not Great', love him or hate him, Hitchens is an interesting chat.

Joseph Boyden

It doesn't get much more prestigious in Canadian literature that to be the recipient of the coveted Scotiabank Giller Prize but Boyden has done it. In 2008 his novel about the Aboriginal experience living in urban centres 'Through Black Spruce' achieved that honour.

Friday May 8th

Friday brings an encore performance of some highlights of some recent interviews you may have missed the first go-round.

Bruce Greenwood

A rerun of Tuesday's chat...

Diana Krall

Not just Mrs. Elvis Costello, songstress, proud mom and Chatelaine Cover Girl Diana Krall makes a return visit. Her new Album 'Quiet Nights' - much more mellow than previous efforts is another huge hit.

Lewis Black

The maniacally funny comedian who got his big break on 'The Daily Show', this interview is high energy as expected. A couple fun factsfor you? Black's elderly dad is a boob man and the photo below is his Driver's Licence photo. Okay, okay, only ONE of those statements is true.

Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys these new shows!


Parisa said...

OMG, Joseph Boyden will be on the hour this week?? wow...i love him...very looking forward to that:):):)

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