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Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Hour Has One Week

For those who love the spontaneity of the live Strombo Show... sorry kids, it's a pretape today. It still promises to be full of some interesting convos, good music and likely some angst from intrepid co-host Alex.

Tune in from 5-8pm EST all across the Corus radio network.

Monday November 10th

Shaun Majumder

Brilliant Canadian Comedian Shaun Majumder graces the Red Chair for a return visit. Shaun's accomplished a ton in his career. A featured performer on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a hugely successful stand up career, stints in sitcoms and a popular guest turn on 24 - Shaun is poised for even greater stardom. My favourite Shaun moment was his sentimental and sweet "Best Story Ever" where he retold the story of his father reuniting with his first love. They've since married and settled together in their little cottage on 'The Rock'. The funniest reference I saw for Shaun lately? A Facebook Group dedicated to his alter ego - the perspiration laden interviewer Raj Binder. 'I'm Bringing Sweaty Back. ' - Take that Justin Timberlake!

David Thewlis

I didn't realize who David was till I hit up his IMDB page as I must be the only person never to read a Harry Potter novel, nor see one of the movies. David however is a multi award winning actor who will be known to most viewers as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films... I knew David from his brilliant turn in 1993's Naked. He also appeared in one of the worst movies nobody ever saw - the disastrous Basic Instinct 2.

Randy Couture

Ultimate fighting, banned in Ontario is a relatively young sport that's taken a firm hold in the sports entertainment field. Many men I know travel to Montreal to see the latest matches. While once kids worshipped more conventional wrestlers - the bloodsport of Ultimate Fighting is an emerging force. Champion Randy Couture joins George for a chat. Hopefully, there won't be bloodshed...

Perhaps they'll compare belt buckles and answer the age old question... does size really matter?

Tuesday November 11th

Hopefully, this day will find you taking time to truly Remember and honouring our fallen soldiers who fought and died for us to be free...

Another hero of the day will be Hockey legend... and former spokesperson for Steelback (man I hope he got paid before they went out of business) Beer.

Phil Esposito

A Bruin. A Ranger. Not a Hab nor a Leaf...

Esposito is one of the most respected and admired players ever to strap on skates in the NHL. Known for his scoring ability and finesse... Phil is a winner of a shelf full of NHL trophies.

Interesting bar trivia? In the first Canada Vs. Russia hockey series in '72, Phil took a faceplant exiting the bench. Proving that that first step is a doozy, is apt in every walk - or skate- of life. Take your knocks and move onward and upward.
A proud native son of The Soo' Esposito's scoring record held until some young upstart named Gretzky came along!

Wednesday November 12th

Serena Ryder

Canada is known for a few things: Political apathy, comedic actors, being a nation of diplomacy and our richness of natural resources. One of our most treasured resources seems to be a wealth of incredibly talented female solo artists like the lovely Serena Ryder. An old soul with a voice as rich as honey and so full of emotion - it's easy to forget that Serena is only in her mid twenties. Her last release 'If Your Memory Serves You Well' is an ode to Canadian Singer songwriters of the past. Her renditions show her skillful twist on classics - making them her own while still honouring the voice of the songwriters who'd crafted them - many of them before she was born. Serena is currently on tour to promote her upcoming release and to those privy of my Facebook status updates... YES, I did fail to secure tickets to her November 16th show and NO, I am not happy about it
...but remain optimistic.

Thursday November 13th

Super Dave Osborne

Not many folks called Einstein can or would willingly zip on an Evil Knievil style jumpsuit. Albert certainly couldn't carry one off... he couldn't have even begun to shove that hair under his crash helmet!

Super Dave Osborne (real name Bob Einstein) has been a cult figure for years. Most Canadians know him from his many appearances with his loyal sidekick Fuji. Super's hilariously hazardous stunts on the low budget but funny series Bizarre made kids laugh till we cried.

Prior to his persona as Super Dave - he'd worked as a writer in the cutting edge Smothers' Brothers Comedy Hour - a show that stirred up controversy and a hell of a lot of laughs .

And the Siren's song of Alberta tries to lure George out West again... first an Honourary Doctorate and now this...curious indeed.

A quick note that George will be in Calgary this Friday receiving an honour as this year's recipient of the 34th Annual Bob Edwards Award - to be presented at a luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Calgary. Congratulations George on this prestigious honour. Check out if you're interested in tickets.

Have a Happy and safe week, consider what YOUR act of green might be and don't forget to check out The Hour's channel on You Tube. Over 10 million hits and counting...

I am most curious to see what will replace the fun and frolic of the 'Second Most Important Federal Election of 2008' (Yeah Obama!) Please don't let it be the speculation of the Liberal Party Leadership contest. That would be the equivalent of a Nationally televised sleeping pill...

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Anonymous said...

The beat boxing with Serena Ryder was awesome and tragic... all at once.