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Saturday, November 08, 2008

<<<< Rewind <<<<<

Enjoyed the show as always this week. Quite a few stood out:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
(I missed this one last week, so it was awesome I got to see it on Tuesday)
~ Enigmatic, says what's on his mind, great sense of humour, very well spoken & down to earth (a fortunate recipient of JFK-like leadership genes there). I admire his fierce protectiveness of the planet & those living in poverty. There is talk that Obama is considering him for cabinet as Chief of Environmental Protection Agency....I for one, certainly hope to see that happen. Perhaps he'll converse with the other great environmentalist interviewed this week: Ray Anderson.
Jay Baruchel
~ Very entertaining! Watching him makes me think of a future De Niro/Edward Norton/Johnny Depp. Mmmm.....can't wait to see what he looks like in 15yrs.
For the uncut, uncensored interview:
check it out - a "cat nerd" & a Habs fan to boot!
Farley Mowat
~ I admit it.....totally got choked up when he was recalling his experience with the German soldier. What an amazing life he's led & the passions he fights for.
Scott McClellan
~ his book should be one hell of a read!
Kings of Leon
~SO glad George introduced me to this amazing

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