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Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Strombo Shows....(say 3 times fast!)

Shows for July 20th - 25th

The Strombo Show was broadcast from CBS Studios in Hollywood for the second week, with the help of his Toronto crew at The Edge.
A topic discussed: If your employer were to ban Facebook would you quit your job? Prompting an on-air phone call from two members of TV's Rent-A-Goalie and hilariously inspiring a facebook group.
Along with the eclectic range of music, George talked with Rob Halford, lead singer from Judas Priest, about their new album Nostradamus.

*Although The Hour's interviews are re-runs from the previous season, I've added links for a few recent tid-bits about some of the guests, for your enjoyment.

Mon, July 21
Sue Johanson
Host of Talk Sex, who incidentally, had George on as a guest for her TV special: "What Men Really Want"

Ryan Reynolds

Vancouver-born actor who is currently filming: The Proposal.
Ironically enough, a movie in which Sandra Bullock faces deportation to Canada & makes a deal with her assistant (Ryan), to stay in the States.

Tues, July 22
Jean Chretien
Recently having won a victory in the ruling of the sponsorship scandal.

Raine Maida
Raine & wife Chantal Kreviazuk just welcomed their 3rd son into the world, on June 28/08. Congrats!

Wed, July 23
Diana Krall
Requested by Tony Bennett (Also a previous guest of The Hour) to sing with him.

Wes Anderson & Jason Schwartzman
All I could find was an AmEx commercial, you may or may not have seen.

Thur, July 24
Dave Foley
Wrapping up production in an 80's set Christmas comedy: Cooper's Camera

Augusten Burroughs
His take on Fame.

Fri, July 25

K.T. Tunstall
Performing in New Brunswick on Aug.2/08 at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival

Dr. Henry Morgentaler
Controversially named to the prestigious Order of Canada on July 1st.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Very good week ahead. No Bryan Adams - whew!

Ryan Reynolds is in one of my guilty pleasure movies - 'Just Friends'. The lip synching to 'I Swear' gets me rolling in laughter every time. So worth a rental!

Eager to see the Morgentaler interview again with fresh eyes after the Order of Canada dustup.