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Friday, July 25, 2008

Just For Laughs: The All-Star Ethnic Show


As you've read recently her on the blog, George hosted a Just for Laughs special that will be broadcast on the CBC later this year. Held at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, the gala event showcased some of the best ethnic comedians from Canada, the States and the UK. A few of the Stroumboulopouli members, and other friends of the blog, The Hour and The Strombo Show were in the audience that night. Here's what the blog members thought of the evening.

I count my blessings to be in the front row due to a friends quick booking prowess and not due to any imagined connections. So my impression of the Winter Gardens Theatre is one of beautiful old elegance with a nice haunting atmosphere. I think the gentleman that seated us was the ghost they report that haunts the place. After I took a couple of pictures of the scene that ghost asked me politely not to take any more photographs...
Being in the front row I saw the cameras taping the audience reaction pointed at us more than a few times... I am sure I was laughing at the time because there was very few moments from start to finish that I was not laughing or smiling. From the warm up Comic to our Host George Stroumboulopoulos participating in his own personal skits interspersed with the professional 'ethnic' comedians of whom Jo Koy is my favourite. The Doo-Wops come a close second... But they were all good and took on the subject of ethnicity from their own unique perspectives with sometimes shocking observations or insults. I learned a few things... It made me think about peoples perceptions... and it made me laugh 'til it hurt.


This was my first Just for Laughs event that I'd attended, so I was fairly excited to attend and experience what I'd grown up watching on the CBC from Montreal. Before the lineup was announced, I hadn't heard much of the comedians work, and I liked that, because it was all fresh to me. Overall the evening was hilarious, from warmup act Tim Nutt through the opener talking about George's heritage and through all the comedians. I laughed so hard at Gina Yashere's tales of confusing the general public as a black woman with an English accent and the Doo-Wops musical antics. Capping the evening off with Jo Koy's impersonations of his mom, her pointing lips and her constant search for "talent" was amazing. There were a couple moments during the evening that I thought a couple comedians went too far in search of a laugh, but overall it was a fantastic evening of comedy. It will be interesting to see how they edit the final show together.

Look for the special sometime in the autumn. We will post the airdate when it becomes available!

Have a laugh-filled weekend! If you're in the Toronto area, there are a lot of Just for Laughs events going on. Check out the Just for Laughs website for details.

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