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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Some questions for you.

There is a vote going on at The Hour. What's you favourite photo?
The link to vote will be on the right hand side in a box called Photo Gallery.

What is your favourite Strombo youtube moment? There are more than few to explore.

Wondering what the line up is next week?

For that question I do have a partial answer....
On Wednesday it's Matthew Fox from 'Lost.' Also Stephen Lewis is coming by The Hour on Monday and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister will be here on Tuesday.


Allan said...

Looks like some speed-dial machine has infiltrated the site.
You'll need advice from an experienced Blogger to thwart this.

The Stroumboulopouli said...

I'll do it the old fasioned way for now Allan. Shovel the spam away.

Ouimet said...

On the first page of your blogger dashboard there is a line that says "Turn on word verification to help prevent comment spam."

Click that.

Allan said...


Hey, Barbara W,
I had an interesting experience on your new Strombo Forum this morning. I had made several new postings, when someone named "Karma" came along and declared them all to be "crap" and moved them to the "General Crap" area.
Is that how it's going to be on this board?
That's quite the way to build someone's odd idea of goodwill, and a new reputation for yourself.
Could you explain to me what the rules are?
Because apparently free speech isn't one of them.
Is this kind of messing with people's work considered cool by you?
Is that the world you and George want for the rest of us?

Barbara said...

Hi Allen!

It's not my forum it's Karmas baby.
I am just a monitor there who comments a lot. :-)

General crap is a term for the general topics section. I have had stuff moved there too...
You could message her about it.
It's a new forum and maybe some rules need ironing out now while it's young.It's good to give feedback to her. Thanks.

George has nothing to with the fan driven forum. He just lets people do their thing.

We will use that as a last resort Ouimet I use that on my own blog but it bugs some people who are somewhat dyslexic so I would have to put it to a vote on this group blog.

Stroubi? Should we turn on word Verification yet?

Allan said...

Moving a posting away from the audience it was intended for is just plain censorship.
You seem to take this very lightly, brushing it off as if you have no responsibility - you're just a participant.
Really, a cop-out.

Allan said...

"George has nothing to with the fan driven forum. He just lets people do their thing."
To be more accurate, he seems to let "Karma" do his/her thing in trashing other people's contribution. I had no idea the standards were so high.
What you have is tyranny, pure and simple.
Postings either please or displease the capricious whim of those in charge or you're denied a platform.
That's some idea of revolution.

Allan said...

And I just realized that when I mentioned two other web sites, my message got deleted completely.
You're not allowed to mention other web sites???

Anonymous said...

how about we get a little more accurate here.
Your posts were great. I messaged you, and moved them to their OWN THREAD.
They didnt have anything to do with the "Dragons Den" thread that you posted them under.
I messaged you twice, let you know that I was making your own section so that people could see them, and find them easily.

I thought this was a great Idea you started; and others could contribute also.

And.. btw - NOTHING was ever deleted. :)

Allan said...

NOTHING was deleted?

Then for the sake of "accuracy" please tell me where I can find my posting about Perez and TMZ.

Because that directory structure is a mind-boggling haystack.

Allan said...

I have as good a sense of humour as the next person, but I don't think you'd like to have your hard work branded "general crap" without warning, now would you?

Allan said...

How was I supposed to know that if I started a discussion about George or Dragon's Den that it would then mean I wasn't allowed to talk about anything else without going to another thread.

I guess it's just whatever you think is on or off topic and if you don't like something then poof without warning.

I'm well aware of forums that operate like that, and it's nothing to be proud of.

Allan said...

After wasting even more of my time, the ANONYMOUS poster above has finally admitted that one of my posts was indeed deleted.

That tells you how much you can count on these people to be forthcoming.
And how "accurate" their statements are.

Allan said...

When you submit a work of art, something of yourself, a sincere expression toward others ... you don't expect to come back the next day and find it's been put in an area called General Crap.

hilary m. said...

And in lighter news...
Congrats on the third place win!!
I was votin' for ya.

Alana said...

Thanks Hilary! I'll post about it Monday evening, you all deserve a HUGE thank you for all the votes, we're psyched about it! :)

scout said...

congratulations in your placing for the canadian blog awards. thought i'd pop in to all fellow winners with a big 'yay'!

Brooksie said...

My favourite youtube Strombo moment would be the segment from the Geminis, but I also really like his U2 interview.

Barbara said...

Thank you Hilary, Scout and Brooksie
for the congrats and thanks to all of ya for the votes.
Thank you Alana for doing the footwork on the blog awards project.
Thank you all stroumboulopouli for everything you do for the blog.

Anonymous said...

i need to know thursday's line-up! that's when we'll be there...!

Barbara said...

I know for a fact that Jian will be on Thurday. You can click on the link to The Hour on the sidebar for the website. There have been so many changes to this weeks line up that they never got round to sending us the final copy.

Anonymous said...

thanks barbara!