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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Hour then and now

Last Season; I can't recall a news show where the host befriends his viewers, "Hi, I'm your buddy George, and this is The Hour." I think that is what got me hooked.

Now; Still hooked. It's sad really. My internet habit now includes, aside from all the blogger friends I visit, I tend to frequent the strombo forum,,,, insidethecbc blog and The Hour.

I still have time for work, rest and play. Trust me, I have been more involved in life in the past 7 months then I have in the two years before that.

Last Season and now; OK, so I was hooked on my buddy George but, what kept me watching was the content.

Now; I look back at season two, and I look at this season so far, and I have favourite moments in each.
Maybe Last Season still has the advantage because there is more interaction with the entire country via email read live on the air.
Going on the road with the show and interacting with the audience.
Sending the Panel Van to places like Lake Louise...
Check out the old stuff on the website in the archives.
Moments like those were gold.
I think that may be what this season needs a bit more of.

Then; An invitation on the website to see The Hour being taped soon followed so I booked a seat and went to the taping in Montreal.

Now; I moved to Toronto because the opportunities for work were better But The Bonus was I could go to regularly scheduled taping of The Hour at the CBC this season.

I still think they should take it on the road at some point though...

It's just how I feel
Barbara W.


Barbara said...

Reminder to all the fans of The Hour MySpacers in the GTA. We are going to The Hour together as a group Monday Jan 8th 2007. Book your tickets on The Hours website ASAP the place is getting booked up.

Barbara said...

The Strombo show will be live tonight. 9pm CFRB Toronto, CJAD Montreal. You can use the link on the sidebar to listen to it online and follow along on G's myspace page. Link is on the sidebar as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes. George cannot forget that this is a HUGE country... WEST and EAST... and the best way to do this is to keep in contact with the people.

Barbara said...

Well one solution is to invite George to come speak at your event... that way it's not on the CBCs slim to none budget...
Even the Panel Van is just an old van they put a cloth sign over...
If you can think up ways for The Hour to reach people across the Country without spending too much of CBC's budget tell them all about it.

Anonymous said...

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Melissa said...

I asked George about taking the show on the road last time I saw him, and he said he wanted to but it's harder now they are on the main network...

Id say more but I gotta go