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Friday, December 08, 2006

Read it in a magazine

All good magazine covers get their picture taken on my heart pillow.

Before you go check out the links I want to give you what George said about the article in Toronto Life. He told the audience of The Hour on Wednesday evening that most of this article is true... there is some of it that is not. Was it by design because he want to keep some private things private? Is there is built in misdirection? I hope for his sake that she did not just give his real street location to any stalker that wants to go see him Sunday morning... *My mind did not just plan to go for a little drive Sunday morning because that would be bad!* * I better not find his place is all I am saying.

The January issue of Toronto Life features Man of The Hour George Stroumboulopoulos.
The well crafted detailed Article is written by Olivia Stren, photos by Finn O’Hara.

Barbara W.


Satan said...

i have many canadians here

soon you will be mine

Anonymous said...

you guys gotta cover this issue about The Death of The Internet -

this video on the issue is good:

you guys should get the producer on the show - I think they are about to relaunch the campaign with a new video this week.

This is the producers email address:

he responded to my email so he should respond to yours as well.

I love the Net, you have to cover this issue!

Barbara said...

Satan are you promoting your wares here?

Anonymous, Last season The Hour did a story on savetheinternet.
I think many of us have had the link to savetheinternet on our blogs since then.
You can search The Hours archives for George talking about it.
You can email The Hour's producers with any suggestions about the show.

Barbara said...
Is the link to the story I was thinking of Anonymous.

Lauren said...

I wrote something nice, but I lost it. using my google login info won't work today.

Try again.

Satan, stay in school, fool. Learn to read. We're talking about the article, not your soul collection.

I did not like the article.

I will qualify.

I liked the article's style, it was well presented, well written, as an article, good stuff.

But it just gives you every detail, and fans usually love finding out things, digging for details, the happy moments of being a fan vanish as all of these GS moments are revealed.

Some people like that. They want to know everything about someone they see on TV. And I love knowing, but, about things in my own life, with people I know and care about.

Celebrities fade once the mystery ends.

Maybe something is not true, and the game then is to figure that out. Maybe the not true is something has changed, so it was true but isn't now.

I don't know, the article just says 'This is George, everything' and from what I know of him, he's a private guy on many levels.

They mystery, the intrigue, and yes, the fantasy, all become dull and of little value when you give it all away.

The fun is in finding out as you go, working to get the details and smiling as you achieve small victories.. That's what makes a good book stand out from the rest.

Happy frustration, I call it. Read Guy Gavriel Kay, you'll know all about it.

Maybe, as much as I do want to know things, it is the desire to learn them through observation, experience, and just by living life.

Those are my long list of comments.


Barbara said...

Thank you Lauren. I looked up Guy Gavriel Kay. His works looks interesting, and he is a Canadian author to boot. What book of his do you recommend I start with?

Re:the article and the mystery... interesting points. Don't worry though I am sure George is still full of surprises for you to discover. His eclectic taste in music is always surprising me.

Lauren said...

I started with a Song for Arbonne. Chronilogically, the books of the Fionivar (sp) Tapestry could show you his earlier works, but I heard they were about kids from our world going to a fantasy world or something and I avoided it.

Song for Arbonne or the Lions of Al Rassan. One of those two will be a wonderful introduction to his work. :)

And mystery, well, taste in music is fine but none of that surprises me with him.

I want to know what's inside that brain, what thoughts exist in there?

I am sure it's more than "I want a snack".

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with Lauren on the Toronto Life article. I felt it sort of "wrecked" (for lack of a better word) the George illusion. If in this situation we think of "illusion" as an element of an entity only present as the perception of an observer. (Did that make sense?) I felt the article gave away more than necessary. But I guess when you are on the cover, the publisher is kind of expecting the subject's story to fill up more than a one page!

While I have never met him, I consider George to be very honest. I'd be curious to know what part of the article is not true. I just hope the The Man of The Hour is happy with how it turned out.

Barbara said...

He was giving advice to a student about podcasting. He said always speak the truth but don't give all of yourself away.
Keep something back.
Does that begin to answer the question?

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara...thanks for the interpretation.

By not being present in the audience when George made reference to true vs. not true, one could then assume that there were inaccuracies in the story. Knowing what context the comment stemmed from is important. Having said that...there is a difference between true vs. not true and keeping something back. I don't know what to think!! I still have a nagging suspicion that something in the article is inaccurate. I just can't put my finger on it...

Oh, I forget to the blog!! Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Lauren -
I like your comment about the desire to learn things through observation, experience, and just by living life. I think, ultimately, more personal and meaningful.

The comment in the article about "how big are the walls surrounding someone whose persona is built around having none" was interesting.

He said once that he was afraid to stop or slow down as he was fearful he wouldn't be able to get up to speed again.
Last point - he is running from something?


J said...

WOW!!! These comments are interesting... I personally LOVED the article. Lauren and I have discussed our opposing views on it... I wanted the article to continue but then again, I am not certain I have the "illusion" of George in my head...

He is always keeping something back. And that to me was so evident in the article that is what made it sooo great.

I also agree that something in there was inaccurate but most of it was true. I know because I heard some of those stories and words come out of the man's mouth standing but a few feet away from me...

Diane, I don't think George is running away, well he might be, but I get the distinct impression he is lonely... Despite the girlfriend and the family, friends and legions of adoring fans he is alone.

If you watch and listen very closely George tells you exactly what he is hoping to keep back. You just have to look for it. I think he is far more emotional and emotionally charged then he let's on or is willing to admit. And I think despite the man he is today there is much in his past he isn't so proud of or stuff that other's might not be so proud of for him. He might keep that private too.

The article was great. I am not the kind of person that needs to know everything about a TV star but in George's case he is so fascinating and the article was so well written I just wanted more.

Barbara said...

I think we all keep something back J. I know I do. Shrek was right about our layers.
We are like an onion.

I think the article was as complete as it could be without being a biography. Yet it was only surface.

There is one detail not covered in the article that we have been discussing amongst ourselves and that is what is Georges exact height.

See it's not something we need to know yet it's a detail that's fun to try to figure out based on fan photos. Don't worry George we are not making you a suit.
Not that I know of anyway. Maybe someone is making you a black sweater with red accents. Not me though.

George running J?
No, he would take the motorcycle!
He does not need to go so fast, it's just the pace he is used to.
I think... I can't say I know.
Re: The George Illusion...
To me much of him (like the way his mind works)is still a mystery and that's the way it should be.

Lauren said...

Illusion, mystery, mythology, in some way, George is like a great book. It's a fun read, though not an easy read, and if you find out too much of the story too fast, it ruins the book and you lose some interest in reading it.

Now, as for what is true and not true, it's not that he lied. But the article contains things observed by the writer, and George has his comments.
So are some of the observations the writer includes not actually true? George didn't lie, the writer just experienced, gave a point of view, and George let it go into the story.

It makes the book a bit more interesting when you think of it that way.

J said...

George isn't an easy read?
I think he is kind of an encrypted book in a slightly roreign language.

Know the language or know the code and you are in....

Like Da Vinci Code.

In English but so coded. If you know what to look for it all makes sense.

Truth is in the voice of the speaker.

Lauren said...

Yeah, but J you're good at figuring that out. Not everyone has that skill with such subtle observation.

Even if you can figure out the book, it is still an exciting read if you don't have all of the details or know the outcome of the plot.

But I think his Royal Cheekiness will surprise even you if given the chance. There are things we'll never guess about him.