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Monday, August 14, 2006

XVI International AIDS Conference

I am working at the 16th International AIDS conference in Toronto this week and I find it a fascinating, emotional, and overwhelming look at what they are doing for AIDS and how AIDS impacts so many people. I hope that the promise of this AIDS conference will lead to great results. I wanted to bring your attention to a two part interview George had with Steven Lewis this past season that is still very relevant to the conference going on now.
You can click on these links or go to The Hour
Stephen Lewis part 1
Stephen Lewis part 2
There is tons more information about this conference on the as well as

I have to say a special word of praise for the volunteers working this conference. They are an amazing group of people and God bless them for doing this. If you are at the conference and encounter a volunteer be especially nice. They are doing their best!
No I am not a volunteer, but my job is to help them help the participants.
God bless all the participants of this conference as well. May we see the end of AIDS in this decade.
( I am optimistic as always)
Barbara W.


Alana said...

Good idea posting the links to the Stephen Lewis interviews. :)

He's an unbelievable human being, and has been my hero and role model for many years. The work he has done with and for Africa is incredible, and for those who are unaware of his amazing work, the interviews he did with George are definitely worth checking out, he's led a fascinating life of extraordinary purpose.

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about doing work for AIDS. Parents think I'm a kinda wild but they'll live. I was at Fashion Cares and talked briefly with somwone who just found out they were HIV positive. There is still so much to get done.


hilary m. said...

Great post Barbara W! I agree with Alana about Steven Lewis, he is an amazing person. And I can't believe Stephen Harper isn't attending the conference... AIDS is such an important issue right now, for everyone.

Barbara said...

So true Tammy there is far to go. But I have hope that things are moving forward and I have lots of Hope your friend who is HIV Pos is going to benefit from this current focus on AIDS research.

Thank you Alana I rewatched those Stephen Lewis interviews because they are featured on The Hour's site right now. Go Stephen!

Barbara said...

Hilary someone pointed out to me as PMs that Brian Mulroney was at the Montreal AIDS conference but Jean Cretien never went to the Vancouver AIDS conference...
Or did I read that on
I am so busy at this thing I am missing all the celebs.. I was so busy sending volunteers to the big Clinton session that there was no way I could go myself. I am really enjoying this job though.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Harper is up north right now personally defending our sovereignty, don't you know?

I'm glad some prominent people care enough to attend the conference. And how about those singing grandmas?

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

continuing the pm theme, paul martin, had indicated that he would attend.

i can not even discuss the harper thing rationally.

great original post!

She's Crafty said...

I can not give enough praise to Stephen Lewis. "Race Against Time" is a must read.

As for our...ah..PM, my finger is wagging and I dare not open my mouth!

Thanks for the post and link Barbara.

hilary m. said...

Actually, to revise my last comment. I can believe that Stephen Harper's not attending. It just makes me feel very angry.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

i had to turn off the strombo show this week as the opening topic was the non-attendance of harper at the conference.

Brooksie said...

I did the same thing. While I think Canada's stance on artic sovereignty is an important one, and just like HIV /AIDS, actions speak louder than words. But I think he should have rescheduled his trip to the arctic and had a personal role at the conference. HIV/AIDS touches upon so many important issues such as gender equality, poverity, sexual stigma.

Anonymous said...


vote for George!

Anonymous said...

you can vote as much as you want