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Monday, March 04, 2013

Strombo for the week of Mar 4 to Mar 8

George Stroumboulopoulos this week
Award winning talk show host chats with some of the best people in their fields.

Monday Mar 4
Actress and Novelist and Canadian Screen Award winner for Bomb Girls Meg Tilly
Panel guest the funny Debra McGrath

Tuesday Mar 5
Blues Brother, actor, wine maker Dan Aykroyd

Panel guest Inessa Frantowski

Wednesday Mar 6
The honorable Olivia Chow
and from DNTO radio host and actress Sook-Yin Lee who will be playing Olivia Chow

Actress from Touched By An Angel and "The Bible' Roma Downey

Panel guest Adam Korson

Thursday Mar 7
A guest George has had on his wish list for a long time, Rock Icon Patti Smith

Panel guest the hilarious  Nikki Payne

Friday Mar 8
Best of the week

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