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Sunday, March 17, 2013

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: March 18-22, 2013

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! We hope you are having a delightful holiday and wanted to remind you to tune in tonight to The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2.

Make it a habit to catch George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight  every weeknight for some really fascinating and funny guests.


Colin Mochrie is mostly known for his improvisational comedy on the UK and US versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? He was born in Kilamarnock, Scotland before moving to Montreal, Canada when he was seven years old. The shy child spent many hours in front of the television before moving to Vancouver when he was 12. He started high school alone with dreams of being a marine biologist, but graduated as a valedictorian with aspirations in comedy. He met Ryan Stiles, who would later co-star with him in Whose Line Is It Anyway? in New Zealand through a mutual friend. Mochrie has a long career in theatre, film, and comedy. The 56 year old comedian currently lives with his wife and son in Toronto.

Mark McMorris is a Canadian snowboarder and current two time reigning Winter X champion in the slopestyle events. He was the first to complete a backside triple cork 1440 and the first person to score a 98 on snowboard slopestyle. The silver medalist was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and is only 19 years old.
On the panel Ennis Esmer is mostly known for his role as Oz on The Listener. He was born 34 years ago in Ankara, Turkey. He has starred in over 12 films and 12 television shows.


Paul Gross has a long career in theatre, television, and film; but is mostly known for his leading role in Due South. He was born 53 years ago in Calgary, Alberta. This eight time Gemini Award winner has also won awards for Dora, Writer's Guild of Canada, Director's Guild of Canada, and Governor General's Performing Arts. He's also released two albums, Two Houses, in 1997 and Love and Carnage in 2001. He's been married for 24 years to Martha Burns and they have two children. He currently appears on The Republic of Doyle.

Jessalyn Gilsig is a Canadian actress known for her roles on Heroes, Glee, Boston Public, Nip/Tuck and Prison Break. She was born in Montreal 41 years ago. She's studied theatre at Harvard and McGill before graduating with a degree in English. She has a six year old daughter and has been acting in television and film for 29 years. She is a new History series Vikings.

Panel guest Jessica Holmes is a Canadian actress and comedian. She was born in Ottawa 39 years ago to a feminist mother and a Mormon father. She joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 19 and became a missionary in Venezuela at 21. Although she is no longer part of the church, she uses her experience in her comedic acts. She is mostly known for her cariactures on The Holmes Show and Royal Canadian Air Farce. She is married with two children.


Nicholas Kristof is an American journalist and writer. The 53 year old Oregon native has won two Pulitzer Prizes. The Washington Post credits him for rewriting opinion journalism with an emphasis on human right and social injustices. Archbishop Desmond Tutu described Kristof as an honourary African for highlighting neglected conflicts. He studied government at Harvard before becoming a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford where he studied law. He also studied Arabic for a year in Egypt and has worked at The New York Times for 29 years. His journalistic career has taken him to over 150 countries and cities such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Tokyo. He is a board member at Harvard and Association of American Rhode Scholars. Bill and Melinda Gates credit him for their pursuit in philanthropy.   He's been married to his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, for 23 years and they are the first married couple to win a Pulitzer for journalism. Since then he has won many prestigious awards and written books with his wife.

Sheryl WuDunn earned a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, which she share with her husband for their coverage of Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. The Chinese-American New York native has degrees from Cornell, Harvard and Princeton. She was the first Asian-American reporter hired at The New York Times, but now has a successful career as a senior banker working in technology, new media and emerging markets. In addition to working for Goldman Sachs, she has also worked for double bottom line firms, alternative energy issues and women entrepreneurs. The 53 year old writer, business executive and lecturer has travelled the world and spoken on many issues.The couple is currently focused on a global movement to end the oppression of girls and women.
Jean Paul on the panel tonight,is a Trinidadian born comedian. He has perfected his comedic nuances over the last 18 years and has performed around the world. His most prestigious venues include the Apollo in New York and the Comedy Store in London. He has also won a Gemini for his writing.

Also, from Community, Alison Pudi and Danny Pudi are featured in the BEST STORY EVER segment.

Sandra Bernhard is an American comedian, singer, actress and writer. She was born in Flint, Michigan 57 years ago. Before making a name for herself in Stand Up Comedy in the 1970s, she lived and volunteered in Israel. She later became popular at The Comedy Store for her observational comedy and political satire. Bernhard has worked with Richard Pryor, Martin Scorsese, Rosanne, Madonna, and several other great people. She is a strong supporter of gay rights and has a 15 year old daughter. She also has over 13 albums which cover various genres such as pop, jazz, blues and comedy. She's written three books and appeared in 34 films and 29 television shows.
On tonight's panel James Adomian is a 32 year old comedian and actor from Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating from a Baptist high school, he pursued a degree in Economics and Theatre Arts. He is known for his work in television, film, podcasts, and comedy.

Also, Jessalyn Gilsig tells us something you Might Not Know About Canada.

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