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Friday, July 29, 2011

WFP Scaling Up Operations In Horn Of Africa

If the show was not in repeats I am sure this one be a priority for them to cover.
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WFP Scaling Up Operations In Horn Of Africa

I miss having George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight cover today's important topics. The website stays current with new topics but it's not the same. The show brings a serious punk attitude to the news of the day. Who would the guests be to address the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa or the Debt Crisis issue in the United States I wonder... I miss the kind of professional style GS Tonight uses to look at world events.

For those of you asking...
The TV and radio show will be in repeats until the official launch of the new season. I believe that is on September 19th.
Interviews being taped for the show will coincide with TIFF September 8th-18th. Tickets are not yet available, but sign up at for updates.
There was also a question about George's personal status as far as marriage or dating is concerned. He's not married unless you count the show... whom he dates is between him and the ladies. He does not owe us their privacy.

1 comment:

Phil said...

I was just wondering if the extended interviews and new interviews are finished now and all we will be seeing til the season premiere will be repeats of actual episodes and online exclusive of new interviews.

In the post for the last week of filming you did state that you'd see new and extended interviews all throughout the summer, but we just saw these during the month after the final taping week. So I was just wondering if we were going to see anything new before the start of the fall season. Though since CBC has put up the guest list up until the second week of August, I don't think we will.