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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Strombo special, July 24-29

The Strombo Show

Sunday July 24 
8pm - 11pm
CBC Radio 2
All shows are streaming online Monday Morning

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contributed byDarby Wheeler

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Sheri said...

It's summer we know and George is on holidays,(L.A.- his second home but first love?)
So we, the paying audience, gets reruns of the tv show and 'the best of' of his radio show.
Fine and dandy, but after all these years of being a loyal viewer, I still don't know why or if, Stombo has a girlfriend or wife?!
Why are there no pictures of George with the women in his life? He is after all, 39!!!
What's up?
PS: any idea when the new season starts up?

Philip said...


I just had a quick question. A couple of months ago, it was stated that all this summer we'd see all new interviews and extended older interviews.

However, we only had new interviews for two weeks after the final taping week. (Though I have seen on line exclusives) Also, the extended interviews lated two weeks and now ever since, it's just repeats of the actual episodes with the Debrief and the mini interviews at the beginning.

Are we going to see any more new interviews on TV or just online? Also, Are we getting more extended interviews from this past season. I am sure that George taped excess interviews at TIFF AS WELL AT OTHER TIMES.

dmc said...

good bye george

Barbara said...

Your questions get addressed in the new post.