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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Celebrate Mothers week May 8 - 13

The Strombo Show 
May 8, 2011

The Spirit of Radio for the beginning of Spring.

Spring, Moms and Soul are the themes for the May 8 edition of The
Strombo Show.  CBC Radio 2 Morning Host Bob Mackowycz Jr.drops by to play
his favourite springtime musical passages, plus a Mac n' Cheese song
(Bob's Cheesiest Tune) for the mom's.  Also an Ode to a God who sold
his soul, the best new music in The Magnificent Seven Countdown, and The
Blend mini mix features comes from DJ M-Rock who is celebrating the
music of A Tribe Called Quest.

8pm - 11pm CBC Radio 2

contributed by
Darby Wheeler

Happy Mothers Day to the MotherCorp!

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Monday May 8 
Singer, author Shania Twain
Tuesday May 9
 Mellissa Fung  is a CBC journalist  who had a harrowing experience in Afghanistan.
Wednesday May 10
Comedian Martin Short

Thursday May 11
A friend of the show environmentalist, broadcaster  David Suzuki

Friday  May 12
The Led Zeppelin Experience with Jason Bonham
 Persormance by the Sam Roberts Band

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Philip said...

Awww!!! :(

Why do they always change up all my favourite people at the last minute? When I had checked the listings on the CBC listings on Thursday, I saw that Stephen Fry was going to be the guest on Thursday. Then the next day, they said that David Suzuki was on this week. But they switched him with Fry. First Jim Parsons, then Jane Goodall last week and now this.

I know that Stephen Fry is going to be shown eventually as he was in Ontario last month and was on other CBC Shows. (This week, he's in the UK taping QI), so I'm still happy, but still... I guess good things come to those who wait.

Have they figured out how many more weeks of new shows there are this season? I wonder if they will keep going with this one guest per show bit or if they will go back to "The Hour" format.

Barbara said...

Stephen Fry will be on Monday.I hear the taping was fantastic.
I think when they go back to an hour they will have two interviews or an extended interview depending...
Don't miss the Gordon Lightfoot interview. He's a dear and precious resource.

Philip said...

Oh So they will be going back to an hour-long- format next season?? That's cool, but I wish they would make up their mind about the structure of the show. I still love the show.

How many weeks are left before the season finale?

Barbara said...

Well they tape the last show on June 2nd. But there will be 'fresh shows' well past that.

california sunshine said...

I suspect The Hour went to 30 minutes to clean house? Get rid of some of the staff?
Is there an email for george, or do we just send to radio 2?