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Sunday, May 01, 2011

667 th post 5th anniversary of this blog!

 Sunday May 1 The Strombo Show CBC Radio 2 
Bob Mackowycz Jr comes in to "cast his ballad", a tribute to tomorrow election with a surprise special guest. The Blend comes from Vancouver DJ collective, The Freshest,  plus all new M7 countdown of the best new music, and the ode to the gods, comes from a God of Canadian rock and roll.

contributed by
Darby Wheeler
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Monday May 2  
Election day!
Election day is here so finding GST might be a little difficult... Maybe at 5 am.
Singer Paul Potts 
 Actress, musician Jill Hennessy
Tuesday May 3
Broadcaster, commentator Rex Murphy
Wednesday May 4
Director, actor Jodie Foster

Thursday May 5 
Actor Elisha Cuthbert

Friday  May 6
Comedian Tommy Tiernan 
 Performance by Noah and The Whale
Happy 5th anniversary to the Stroumboulopouli  
to the all past, present, future members, readers and contributors!
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