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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I have a question for you.

It's spring!  It's time to add new colour to the garden and add new links and pictures to this blog. 
Maybe you want to add new politicians to Ottawa in this tulip festival time or you may prefer the ones already rooted there. Please participate in the poll right there on the sidebar. Are you going to vote (in this poll) and in the Federal election on May 2nd ?

I added a link on the sidebar to George's Insongnia page so you can check out his latest late night song dedication and all his previous late night or very early morning song choices.
There are a few more website links we added to the list as well including, the WFP and the Strombo Show Chat blog.
If you have suggestions for that link list or pictures you want to share please feel free to email us. We will check the email box for your George photo or link or blog post idea. Keep it clean okay!

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