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Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17 - 22

The Strombo Show
Sunday,April 17, 2011, 8pm - 11pm, CBC Radio 2
This week's Strombo Show continues our second installment of looking at established members of successful bands who have been able to step out into Solo careers with CBC Radio 2 Morning host Bob Mackowycz Jr.   The Blend mini mix comes from versatile DJ Big Jacks. We have a surprise from Sam Roberts, who also make a request for Tom Waits, in our 10 with Tom segment, some classic Metal requests, and the top song in The Magnificent Seven Countdown comes from a song made in a new way using new technology.

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contributed by  
Darby Wheeler

Montreal Canadiens 
 If there is no NHL Playoff hockey game that night then the schedule is as follows...
Monday 18 April
Sudanese musician and former child soldier. Emmanuel Jal
Tuesday 19 April 
Polar Bear Special
Wednesday 20 April  
Author and founder of Next Generation Nepal Conor Grennan
 Thursday 21 April
American journalist and author  Mark Hertsgaard
Friday 22 April 
Actress, Author Suzanne Somers 
plus Actor Taylor Kitsch

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