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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The Hour is still on "Summer Shuffle"
For the week of July 19th - 23rd

But first, for those of you hungrily awaiting for the North American premiere of George A. Romero's "Survival of The Dead"....well, you're in for a tasty treat!!
Our Strombo, appears in this film as a TV host (although I can't imagine him not wanting to appear in a realistic flesh rotting costume at least once!).
The movie will be shown at TIFF, but is also slated for an exclusive one week run at the Toronto Underground Theatre, for those of you that can't wait for the main course.

Mon, July 19th

Canadian Actor - Bruce Greenwood,

Scottish comedian - Danny Bhoy, Hip Hop Band - Cypress Hill

Tues, July 20th

Filmmaker - Michael Moore,

Actor - Peter Sarsgaard, Actress/Rock Star - Juliette Lewis

Wed, July 21st

Actor - Morgan Freeman,

Comedian - David Cross, Canadian Author - John Irving

Thur, July 22nd

Actor - Harrison Ford,

Actor/Screenwriter - Terry Gilliam, Wrestler - Hulk Hogan

Fri, July 23rd

Comedian - Bill Maher,

Actress - Vivica Fox, Actor/Singer/My other boyfriend - Hugh Dillon

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