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Friday, January 01, 2010

One of These Guests is Not Like the Other...This week on The Hour

So... for regular readers of our little blog, you know that every weekend, we post a blurb about what's coming up on The Strombo Show... heard on Sunday Nights on CBC Radio 2 AND give you a sneak preview of what's coming up on the week ahead on The Hour. This week is no exception... but for me as will soon become clear -- I am faced with the same dilemma posed to me from my last kick at this seemingly straightforward task. Bear with me... all we be clear momentarily.

First things first though. In Radio 2 Land...

Sunday night 8- Midnight. Tune in to your local CBC Radio 2 station OR listen online to The Strombo Show. It's 4 hours of commercial free radio. George. Bob. Tunes. Talk. Guests. It's basement radio taken to a whole 'nother level kids... enjoy.

Now it's over to TV land and the source of my amusement/laughter/frustration/dilemma.

Each week, we are thoughtfully emailed a list of the guests to air the following week. It's right from the fountain of knowledge from The Hour's offices. Official. Hot off the presses. And it's very much appreciated. HOWEVER, sometimes there is a wrinkle. That wrinkle being that that there is often more than one person of note with the same name in this big bad world of ours! This is the dilemma for Monday. Press on dear ones...

Monday January 4th

Will the REAL Peter Mettler please stand up?

So... the first guest on this date could be THIS dude. Peter Mettler -- Mixed Marial Artist. Nicknamed 'El Pulpo'. Fan of the bald pate. More than likely he could kick your ass. I am betting it's NOT him. But big congrats on the arm work and tight abs pal!

My bet is the guest in question will be THIS gentleman. Peter Mettler. Acclaimed, award winning Canadian Filmmaker. Fan of the unkempt, slightly bushy hairstyle. His latest work which was shown at The Toronto International Film Festival is called Petropolis -- An Aerial Perspective of the Alberta Tar Sands. Reviews tell that this film provides an incredible perspective on this misunderstood and vast energy source or environmental disaster - depending on your perspective.

Michael Douglas

This guest I am 100% sure about as I was fortunate to see it taped way back in September as Toronto was lousy with stars for TIFF. Michael Douglas is a legendary actor and producer and former roomie of Danny DeVito. From the Streets of San Francisco to Romancing the Stone to the War of the Roses, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction and many, many more... Douglas has been a bona fide star for decades. His latest is Wall Street 2 - Money Never Sleeps, in which he recreates his most indelible character - Gordon Gekko - a role for which he won the Best Actor Oscar. I was impressed with Douglas in person. He's still a handsome man with a strong presence who comes across relaxed and open. He was very candid and dished diplomatically about some of his leading ladies. Duck Gwynnie... he gave you a little jab!
Tuesday January 5th
Edward Norton
Intense, talented, guarded and private are all words used to describe Edward Norton. One thing you can't say is that he's afraid to make interesting choices in his roles. His IMDB page is full of a wide range of work from comedy to the darkest of dramas and even a musical for Woody Allen (Everyone Says I love You). I am sure everyone has a favourite of his roles. Maybe it's The People Vs. Larry Flynt, American History X or Fight Club. His latest is Leaves of Grass...
James Appathurai
NATO Spokesperson, Canadian James Appathurai makes what I believe is his third appearance on The Hour. You think YOU suffer information overload? What if your job was to know about everything going on in the world. Everyday. James reads and disseminates more news in one day than most people can absorb in a month... I wonder if he has any influence on what Ban Ki Moon designates for the 'Year of'? 2009 was the Year of the Potato. I vote that 2010 we bump it up a notch and vote 2010 the Year of 'Poutine'. Canada... represent.
Wednesday January 6th
Michael Seater
Young actor Michael Seater is best known for roles in 'Life with Derek' and ReGenesis. Now, he's preparing to launch a new CBC series co-starring Stacey Farber from 'Degrassi, The Next Generation' who plays his bride in 18 to Life. Seater and Farber star as 18 year old newlyweds. Interestingly, with the young ages of the leads, one would assume a shotgun wedding. Not so. These crazy kids feel they've found their life partner and don't see the need to wait. In this era of living together instead of marrying, there are high hopes for some interesting and funny plot lines in this series. One question I hope Michael is asked is what exactly was up with the outfit above that he sported at TIFF? Just saying.
Thursday January 7th
David Chilton

The Wealthy Barber... Chilton's guide to successful and gradual wealth building is over 20 years old. Beyond this, he'd managed to help bankroll and champion one of the most successful cookbook empires of all -- The Looneyspoons franchise with the Podleski sisters, Janet and Greta. In his career, David has spoken to countless groups, delivering seminars ripe with axioms of solid personal financial management. I was happy to have been in attendance at one of David's talks in the past couple of years. One of my favourite tips is his belief in parents transferring wealth to their adult children - a tip that I am TOTALLY for however my father is not so convinced. A couple of other fun facts? He never changes the oil in his car and is addicted to Nibs. Yes.... he's a renaissance man.
Barenaked Ladies
As epic understatements go, it's certainly been an interesting and eventful couple of years for BNL. In Spring 2008 they launch a successful and entertaining children's CD called Snacktime. On the eve of some promotional shows with Disney, the unthinkable. Founding member and frontman Steven Page is busted for cocaine possession. Next, co-frontman Ed Robertson has a little trouble landing his plane. Goodbye and good riddance 2008! Enter February 2009 and by 'mutual agreement' Page departs the band. Now what to do?
This band has lived through and survived much more. Kevin Hearn's cancer, family deaths... but also great and momentous events. Marriage, fatherhood... taking charge of their own careers. They've been recording as a quartet and are ready to launch their first CD without Page. Critical eyes and ears will be tuned to see if they still have the formula for success. Kevin Hearn and Ed Robertson join George to chat about the ugly, the bad and hopefully good times ahead.

Friday January 8th
Suzanne Somers
Actress. Exercise Maven. Cookbook and Lifestyle Author? Fine. Medical Expert? Not likely. I felt a bit disheartened to see that Suzanne Somers' interview will be re-run. I wish her controversial and unsubstantiated medical opinions on cancer treatment were more strongly challenged. Not only in this conversation but with countless others she's had in her promotional appearances. Viewers will have to judge for themselves.
Andrea Martin
Canadian Comedy legend and bona fide scene stealer in anything she does... whether back in the days of SCTV to today, Andrea Martin possesses a depth of comedic timing and energy that is a joy to watch... God Bless you Edith Prickley!
Lyle Lovett
A true Texas gentleman, Lovett has been performing for decades. His latest release is called Natural Forces. From his occasional acting for the amazing Robert Altman to his straight ahead music, Lovett is much revered. If you're looking for a getaway this winter, may I suggest the Cayamo cruise February 21-26th? Miami to Belize to Mexico and co-headlined by Lovett and Emmylou Harris, guests are treated to the best in Folk and Alt Country artists -- Buddy Miller, John Hiatt and Steve Earle to name a few and for some strong Canadian contribution? Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet.
So dear readers... I hope you enjoy the first part of 2010 and aren't spending too much of it shovelling snow. On behalf of the crew here... Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year and New Decade. CHEERS!


Barbara said...

It's the documentary film maker...

Trudy said...

Ditto on Suzanne Sommers.

I'm looking forward to Michael Seaters interview - I missed 18 to Life tonight, but it sounds like a great show.

Trudy said...

I just watched last nights episode on the website - George did a great job calling out Mr. Harper!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to both David Chilton and BNL tonight... I hope that with BNL there is a really positive story to come out of this most challenging and draining period of their careers.

voicefax said...

It is interesting to see the change in the "Best ofs" in the next few weeks.

Tonight's episode was supposed to be Somers/Lovett/Martin, but then on Thursday night, I checked the CBC listings and I saw that Suzanne Somers was going to be on next Friday, and then on Thursday night's show they said that this week's Best Of was going to be Douglas/Mortensen, so I thought they were going to postpone the original trio until next week, but then tonight, I saw on the Listings that next week's episode was changed to a repeated best of from November I believe and that tonight's episode was Martin/Mortensen/Douglas. I just that was very interesting. I wonder what goes through their mind and I wonder if we are ever going to see the Lovett or Suzanne Somers interviews again. (I was a bit flummoxed by the interview with Suzanne Somers the first time, anyways, as I had seen another interview with her where the host challenged her on her theories where George would not)

I hope that they do replay the Michael Seater interview again. I missed that episode and last time I checked, they had not put that episode up yet.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.