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Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Week's Eclectic Line-up: Roses > Rodeos > Crosses..

The 3rd installment of The Strombo Show starts at 8 pm tonight up until Midnight on CBC Radio 2 (To listen online) . So far, for anyone unable to catch the show, they have been posting their songs played, on their Strombo Show Facebook Page, here: The Playlist

This week on The Hour:

Monday, 23rd

Michael Chabon - Pulitzer Prize of Fiction Award winner with his new book: 'Manhood for Amateurs'.
Aren't they all?! (Hee hee)

Eugene Levy -
Starring in a soon to be released: 'American Pie Presents: The Book of Love'.
Oh lordy, what teachings will his character bestow in this one?

Tuesday, 24th

Steven Levitt - A 'rogue' American economist & chosen by Time magazine as one of 2006 '100 People Who Shape Our World' with his second book: 'Superfreakonomics'.
Personally, I'm a huge fan of super should be good.

Anika Noni Rose -
An award winning actress & performer, creating history by becoming Disney's 1st black princess, as the lead voice in the upcoming animated feature: 'The Princess and the Frog'.
Granted, Disney brought forth the cultures of Mulan & Pocahontas, but I mean, really....could this not have happened before Obama came into office? Just sayin'.

Wednesday, 25th

Naomi Klein - the author & activist regarding global profiteers & deregulated Capitalism in her books: 'The Shock Doctrine' & 'No Logo' visits The Hour for her 2nd appearance on the show.
Really looking forward to this interview!

Blue Rodeo -
Jim Cuddy & Greg Keelor, promoting their new album: 'The Things We Left Behind'.
OMG, OMG, OMG....I have a concert ticket to see them on Thursday! I'm totally hoping Jim Cuddy will be sporting his HABS jersey to make my experience complete!

Thursday, 26th
Not sure why, but it looks like our Canadian late night show will not be live and will be observing the American anyhoo, in it's 'absence' they are offering us some great recent interviews with the following:

Michael Moore,
Peter Sarsgaard, Juliette Lewis.

Friday, 27th
And to round off the week.....

Morgan Freeman, David Cross, John Irving.

Have a good week, all.......and Happy Thanksgiving to our neighbours of the South!

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