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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Divas, Authors and Actors... Oh My! This Week on The Hour

If you're Canadian... perhaps you're watching the Grey Cup. If so are you already elbow deep in chicken wings? Or is pizza more your speed? No matter... if you want to multitask, perhaps you can watch football AND listen to some tunes at the same time. Since it IS Sunday, you can tune into the Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2. George. Bob. Music. Chat. Listen Live HERE.

Then there's the matter of a little program called The Hour.

Monday November 30th

Patrick Trahan

The team for The Hour is kind enough to ensure we get a heads up of the guests scheduled a touch in advance. Imagine my dilemma when Patrick Trahan was listed... I certainly hope it`s the Football hero who will be gracing the Red Chair! If it`s the Jazz musician Patrick Trahan... I apologize profusely. Destined for greatness as a football hero, Trahan was suspended from College ball for poor academic performance caused by learning disability, which is very prevalent in college athletics, Trahan has taken some stigma off this issue with his personal struggles...

Shawn Ashmore

Shawn Ashmore has enjoyed a prolific career in films and television including X-Men, Smallville and a million other projects in between. According to his IMDB, he has 4 projects currently in production notably the remake of Bonnie and Clyde. If you thought Iceman only dwelled in the land of Top Gun, you should catch The Superhero Squad Show.

Tuesday, December 1st

George Monbiot

As a writer for the prestigious UK newspaper `The Guardian`, Monbiot is highly involved with the Green Movement. A kinder, gentler type of activist, he lobbies for the right to access to greenspace in the UK for the citizenry. He is the author of `Bring On the Apocalypse: Six Argument for Social Justice.`

Anna Kendrick

Confession time. I had NO clue who Anna Kendrick was before I googled her. Yes, if you think you can get through your week without hearing about `Twilight`... think again. In her short career, Kendrick has been nominated for a Tony for her turn in `High Society`. In the Twilight films, she portrays Jessica in which she`s likely a vampire, human or werewolf. I have no clue, nor inclination to look into it much more as I have taken a vow to abstain from anything Twilight. ;)

Wednesday, December 2nd

Jully Black
I am sure many regular viewers of The Hour will look forward to Jully`s return to The Hour. Her last appearance saw this most powerful, confident and uber talented performer break down in tears at her excitement for being a featured guest. I have been a fan of Jully for a long time and `follow`her on Twitter. The common themes with Ms. Black you glean through her `tweets` centre on her love of performing, her awe at how amazing her band is and how much she loves her family - including her mom`s traditional cooking. The latter is perhaps why she also seems to be a workout fiend-- to balance out the goodies! The Jully Black promotion machine is in high gear as crisscrosses the country promoting her new CD The Black Book. She is an inspiring artist, immensely talented - a truly positive, delightful soul.

Dr. Julio Montaner

The Director for the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV Aids and President of the International AIDS Society is a researcher, clinician and tireless advocate for preserving aggressive treatment protocols for those with HIV. I was privileged to be in the audience last time Montaner visited The Hour and encourage anyone who missed him last time to tune in. His passion comes through loud and clear.

Thursday December 3rd

Lyle Lovett
Quick. Word - or more accurately - NAME association time. When you say `Lyle Lovett`... most people would chime back `Julia Roberts`. It was 1993 when the elopement heard round the world happened... though their marriage was but a blip, lasting less than two years, it`s a huge footnote in Lovett`s life. An introspective, quiet but powerful performer, Lovett has been recording for decades as well as acting from time to time. His Annual `Cayamo`music cruise which he co-headlines with Emmylou Harris is a highlight for many devoted fans every February and provides the most captive audience imaginable to feature the best in Alt-Country and folk artists in North America.
Friday December 4th
Interviews so nice, you can watch them twice.
Shawn Ashmore
If you missed Monday`s show -- catch a replay of Shawn`s appearance...
Anika Noni Rose
Appropriately... Ms. Rose voices `The Princess` in Disney`s latest mega hit `The Princess and the Frog`.
Stephen King
Horrormeister and frighteningly photogenic author Stephen King`s interview takes another spin this day... enjoy!
Just an FYI that if you might like to take in a taping of The Hour, that the last taping before Christmas break is December 17th. So... don`t hesitate to go on down... the warm up, rock paper scissors and fire safety instructions are sometimes almost as entertaining as the actual celebs. They`ll treat you right. Promise! Visit The Hour`s website to request your seats.

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