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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset... Last week of Season 5

I'm so glad we had this time together, just to laugh or sing a song

Seems we just get started and before you know it... Comes the time we have to say.... so long.

Recognize these lyrics? If you are 30+ you should, as they're the closing lines Carol Burnett sang at the end of her seminal program -- The Carol Burnett Show. The Legendary Ms. Burnett takes to the Red Chair on Thursday for an Exclusive TV interview.

Welcome to the last fresh batch of interviews in this, the final week of a successful Season 5 of The Hour. For regular viewers, it may seem like the year has just begun, but for the team that brings you The Hour each night, my wager would be they're ready for a Margarita, a nap and a vacation.

So... sit back and drink it in... on a patio, a deck, alone in your living room. I won't judge.

Monday June 8th

Don Newman

When the news broke just over a month ago that Don was among those who've opted to take the CBC's voluntary retirement package, I can say that as a political junkie, I was truly disappointed. As the host of Politics on CBC, Don Newman demonstrates daily the integrity, confidence and knowledge that allows him to lead intelligent yet accessible discussions that demystify the often BS ridden folly of political policy and process. He has a way of relating not only what's happening on the political landscape, but what it means to us as Canadians. Among the many accolades he's received, Don is a member of the Order of Canada.

I'm confident that Mr. Newman, like most true journalists, hates BEING the story. For now though, he is. What I'd most like to hear from him are his true feelings about being caught in the network cutbacks, how he envisions political reporting will continue to evolve and what he envisions for the future of 'Politics'.

Ryan Reynolds
Vancouver native, actor and living proof that working out can pay off huge, Ryan Reynolds returns to The Hour. On his previous grilling on the 2/20 segment Ryan revealed he can smell the fear. Good to know!

From TV, where he made an impact on Two Guys A Girl and a Pizza Place to films like National Lampoon's Van Wilder, his career has been on a constant upswing. Part of the wildly successful Wolverine/ X Men films.. Ryan is set to star in a sequel featuring his character. He's currently promoting his new movie with Sandra Bullock and the amazing Betty White -- The Proposal -- in which his character makes a deal to marry his nasty Canadian boss, played by Bullock, to save her from deportation. The previews of this movie look good... kinda the ultimate date movie.

To many though, including myself... no matter how successful Ryan becomes, my favourite will always be 'Just Friends'. Any actor that can rock a fat suit and lip sync 'I Swear' into a hairbrush is good people.

Tuesday June 9th

Michaelle Jean

It's the rich tapestry of experiences that define who we are as people, inform our decisions and aspirations. In a new country like Canada, the immigrant experience is a common thread and many of our most prolific contributors to society were born elsewhere. Such is the case of our current Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean.

Now the representative of the Queen in Canada, Jean 's family fled Haiti when their nation was under the dictatorship of the evil Baby Doc Duvalier. After settling in Quebec she pursued her post secondary education, became an advocate for battered women, a documentary film maker and respected journalist.

Her 2005 appointment to the primarily ceremonial role of Governor General was not without controversy as detractors pointed to her arms length involvement in separatist activities. That aside, Jean seems to be more visible, involved and unafraid to rock the boat than any other Governor General in history. One of the more significant examples was her visit to the Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

Following the EU's ban on seal products, the world watched as our GG took part in the butchering of a seal and consuming part of the heart... a move that has been both applauded and sharply criticized.

Wednesday June 10th

Lawrence Hill

Lawrence Hill is a perfect example of how one's experiences and unique perspectives inform their path. He's the son of a black father and white mother who moved to Canada immediately following their marriage. Growing up in a predominantly white culture inspired one of Hill's most notable works; the 2001 memoir 'Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada'. If his name is familiar to you... it may also be for 'The Book of Negroes' - an award winning novel that was also recently named the winning selection in CBC Radio's 2009 Canada Reads award.

Rick Hansen

Not many people have the ability to turn serious adversity into an inspiring life and career that benefits people every day. Rick Hansen is one of those people. Following a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Hansen became a committed and accomplished athlete. Perhaps it was his friendship with a fellow named Terry Fox that would inspire Rick to embark on his 'Man In Motion' world tour to raise awareness, accessibility to services, and to fund Spinal Cord Research? Whatever his motivation -- it's benefited thousands.

It's startling to realize that 2010 will mark the 25th Anniversary of this incredibly successful endeavour. To continue raising funds, he founded the Rick Hansen Foundation in 1988 -- you can get involved in providing support to by taking part in Wheels In Motion events in your community.

Thursday June 11th

Carol Burnett

Comedy legend Carol Burnett will grace the stage for an exclusive TV interview with The Hour. If her life's story isn't familiar to you... where have you been? Under a rock? Star of stage, screen and television, her impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable. Few performers can crack an audience up with a funny face or eye roll. Carol can do it from 1oo paces without fail.

Raised by her beloved grandmother in extremely modest circumstances, Carol originally planned a career in journalism but thankfully decided to pursue performing.

Like many performers noted for their work in the comedy genre, Burnett has suffered many triumphs and unimaginable tragedy. Her daughter Carrie Hamilton, who had long struggled with serious drug addiction and had overcome her demons, then faced a battle with cancer which she ultimately lost at the young age of 38.

As a very young kid, I remember fondly watching The Carol Burnett Show... it was one of very few shows which the whole family could agree on. I am sure we weren't alone. Though there are too many to list, I'm sure I'm not the only one who to this day remembers the Gone with the Wind takeoff. Sweeping down the staircase clad in green velvet curtains -- curtain rods intact --- can't remember the exact dialogue, but when complimented with how elegant she looked, stated... I saw it in the window and had to have it... Nice!

***You'll watch anyway... but tune in to this interview for details on an exciting contest and your chance to meet Carol Burnett when she appears in Vancouver this Fall! ***

Friday June 12th

Sit back, relax and cruise into the weekend by revisiting a few goodies from this past season.

Norman JewisonCelebrated director, Proud Canadian, Nemesis of John Wayne?

MobyVegan. Vanguard. Music maker.

Gordon Ramsay

The F Word. Kitchen Nightmares. Hell's Kitchen. This celebrity chef is one tasty dish!

Though The Hour is done taping for the season, they will continue to provide solid Best Of' shows throughout the summer. You can also cruise through their site and youtube channel to catch some archived interviews you may have missed the first time.
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Cheers and Happy Summer to all our readers!


Steph A. said...

The hubbub regarding the Governor General is silly. The fact is that the consumption of seal meat is part of our Native People's heritage. As the Governor General, she must embrance these traditions...whether we like it or not. I think Ms. Jean should be commended, not condemmed.

Philip said...

What happened to the interview with Usain Bolt? I saw his name on the taping schedule part of the official site and George mentioned they were having him on. Perhaps the second interview on the final episode with Carol Burnett?

jim said...

strombo Show?
no more?

jim said...

live i mean

Mich said...

Philip... the Carol Burnett interview will fill the full hour on Thursday. There will be a contest associated with the interview so make sure you tune in.

As for the Usain Bolt interview, it's possible that something happened causing the interview to be cancelled or put off for another time.

Barbara said...

Yes there is still a Strombo Show on Sunday nights. Sadly it is taped and not live and interactive. It will continue to be taped all summer as George will be away but still sharing his love of music and his talent for great interviews...

Philip said...

Thanks Mich,

I get confused with the taping and broadcast schedule with this show. It was funny as last night George mentioned Bolt again in the beginning when talking about the perfect man. I wouldn't be surprised if they released the interview with Bolt as a Youtube exclusive like they did at the end of last season with the interview with Barbara Kingsolver

Tracy said...

The prevailing thought after seeing the interview with our Governor General. Why oh why are you not a senior elected official? Bright, capable, reasoned, integrity personified yet down to earth. Oh...right. That makes you supremely overqualified for office. Keep up the wonderful work your Excellency.