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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Summertime!

George Gershwin summed it up best: "Summertime, and the livin' is easy". In case you missed it, the much anticipated Summer Solstice arrived early this morning! Of course summer means different things to different people. One thing it means to me is spontaneous roadtrips with music blaring from the car stereo. If you are looking for some new music to add to the soundtrack of your summer, check out today's edition of The Strombo Show (5pm EST) on one of these Corus Radio stations: The Edge 102.1 (Toronto) The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver) Power 97 (Winnipeg) Y108 (Hamilton) FM96 (London).

If you are a fan of The Hour, one downside to summer is that we are now into repeats. Perhaps you'll be able to catch an interview you missed when it originally aired or have the opportunity to re-watch a special favourite.

Monday, June 22nd

Award-winning documentary film director and author Mariane Pearl.

Tony Bennett Pictures, Images and Photos

Music legend Tony Bennett.

Tuesday, June 23rd
(Do you see a pattern here?)

David Foster Pictures, Images and Photos
Canada's best known "Hit Man", music producer David Foster.

Sir David Frost Pictures, Images and Photos
British journalist Sir David Frost.

Super Dave Osborne (aka Bob Einstein).

Wednesday, June 24th

Canadian literary icon Farley Mowat.

Spike Lee Pictures, Images and Photos

Film director, producer, writer and actor Spike Lee.

Reformed computer hacker MafiaBoy (aka Michael Calce).

Thursday, June 25th

micheal buble Pictures, Images and Photos
British Columbia native and multi-award winning singer, Michael Bublé.

barbara walters Pictures, Images and Photos
Journalist, television personality and author Barbara Walters.

gordon Pictures, Images and Photos
The King of Culinary Cursing, chef Gordon Ramsay.

Friday, June 26th

Former Prime Minister of Canada, The Right Hon. Paul Martin.

Valerie Bertinelli Pictures, Images and Photos
Actress and author Valerie Bertinelli.

Bog Newhart Pictures, Images and Photos
Television and movie legend Bob Newhart.

Speaking of Bob...if your travels ever take you to the entrance of Chicago's Navy Pier, you too can have a session with the 'doctor'.


Tracy said...

Glad to catch the Super Dave interview. Missed it when it originally aired. Shout out to Fuji!! Confess though that I turned off the Suzanne Somers' interview. Her irresponsible and half baked medical theories make me crazy. If I can go the rest of the summer without seeing Jenny McCarthy? All will be well. Happy Summer!

Philip said...

I had a small question concerning these repeat broadcasts. I ended up missing last night's broadcast of the Micheal Buble episode. I was just wondering if perhaps they could rerun it during te latter part of the summer. Do they only rerun the" Best of" Friday shows as well as the "Best of 2008" episodes? There muat not be a lot of those episodes, so they could rerun them a couple of times? I was just hoping that they could rebroadcast the episode I miss. (I would also surmise the episode on Sunday night at 2 am will be tonight's episode rebroadcast)

When does George come back for the new season anyhow?