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Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's an 'eggcellent' week ahead starting April 12th

easter Pictures, Images and Photos

Well it's Easter Sunday. By now most of the Easter Eggs have likely been found and the celebratory meals have taken place. If you are ready to sit down and relax, or perhaps in need of escaping your family or inlaws, why not tune into The Strombo Show? Listen live here starting at 5 pm EST.

Over the next few weeks, the schedule for The Hour is going to be somewhat wonky due to the NHL Playoffs. When in doubt check your local listings!

Monday, April 13th

gary bettman Pictures, Images and Photos

NHL Commisioner Gary Bettman.

Jason Mewes Pictures, Images and Photos

Actor Jason Mewes.

Tuesday, April 14th

Economist, journalist and author Joshua Cooper Ramo.

Polar Explorer and adventurer Tom Avery.

Wednesday, April 15th

Malcolm McDowell Pictures, Images and Photos

Actor Malcolm McDowell.

Gene Simmons Pictures, Images and Photos

Either you love him or hate him...a master of reinvention...Gene Simmons.

Thursday, April 16th

The Smashing Pumpkins.

James Cameron Pictures, Images and Photos

Kapuskasing, Ontario native, film director James Cameron.

Friday, April 17th

Sarah Palin Pictures, Images and Photos

Alaskan Governor and former US Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Marlee Matlin on Desperate Housewives Pictures, Images and Photos

Actress Marlee Matlin.

John Legend Pictures, Images and Photos

Musician John Legend.

In other news...

Looking to attend a taping of The Hour? Just a reminder that the show will be on hiatus from April 10th-May 3rd during the playoffs. Tickets for the first available tapings in May will be available starting April 20th.

Are you Twittering? If so, are you following The Hour?

For the most part, Spring has sprung! Perhaps you are working some home improvement projects that can be registered for One Millions Acts of Green!


Anonymous said...

does this mean these episodes are not new? or they were just pretaped but never been aired?

Anonymous said...

The Palin interview aired on NYE. Jason Mewes was just on a few weeks ago. Hockey playoffs = reruns.

Mich said...

This week and the next two weeks will be pretapes and rebroadcasts due to the NHL playoffs. Rather than try and tape a show that generally gets preempted, the show goes on hiatus. New episodes will resume in early May.