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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring into action and keep the food flowing...

As we sit down to our Easter Feasts and Passover Seders this week, we need to remember those who are not so fortunate. There are millions of Canadians who have a hard time putting a basic meal on the table and Food Banks across the nation need our help to stock their shelves.
With the current economic downturn, Food Banks are seeing an increase of clients accessing their services. Over the last quarter of 2008, the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto saw a tem percent increase in requests for their services and in February, the Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank saw 43% more people access their services, This increase in need means that some Food Banks across Canada are getting dangerously low on the basic items they put in the hampers they give out. Some of the basics that the food banks need are:
Peanut butter
Cans of beans
Dried pasta and tomato sauce
Macaroni and cheese
Dry Pasta
Canned fruit or vegetables
Canned stew or hearty soup
Canned fish or meat
Powdered or tetra pak milk
Baby formula and food
Personal hygeine items
Most major grocery chains are collecting for their local Food Banks. They even make the process easy by offering pre-packed kits for sale (usually under 10 dollars, depending on the contents). You can also drop donations off at the Food Bank itself or, in some communities, at a fire hall or police station.
Financial donations are also accepted, as it will help pay for additional food items to put in the hampers.
I hope everyone has joyful and safe celebrations in the coming days.

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