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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hour March 2nd-6th

Live on the radio this Sunday March 01!
The Edge 102.1 (Toronto) The Fox 99.3 (Vancouver)
Power 97 (Winnipeg) Y108 (Hamilton) FM96 (London)
on The Hour this week

Monday March 2, 2009
I can't wait to see Peter Mansbridge say who is coming on The Hour following The National.
Will he be third person about it? Will he pretend the interview was just about to happen?
Anchor of The National and friend of The Hour Peter Mansbridge
Peter will be talking to Geeeorge Stroumboulopoulos about the news makers like Obama and Harper and what it's like to be at the center of the news.

This just in... Nickleback will also be on the show

Tuesday March 3, 2009
Emmy-nominated star of Roots - Host and creator of The Reading Rainbow and Star Trek :TNG
Actor and Director LeVar Burton

Heather Reisman is the founder and CEO

of Indigo Books & Music Inc., Canada’s largest book retailer.
She is the reason that they put those stickers on all those books Heather's Picks.
Speaking of authors and reading and The Hour if your interested in the authors featured on The Hour please visit the forum's **Official Booklist of The Hour**

Wednesday March 4, 2009
- best-selling author/social and economic trendspotter -

Richard Florida
who is one of the world's most sought after speakers on global trends, economics, prosperity, competitiveness and growth.
In March he is releasing a Canadian version of Who's Your City.

Also on the show

Swedish-Canadian model/actress and singer - Malin Akerman
Star of Watchmen (march 06 ) A superhero film based on a graphic novel.

Thursday March 5, 2009
He was scheduled to be on the show two weeks ago but better late than never
Emmanuel Jal is a former Sudanese child soldier, who brings a unique perspective into the world of Rap.

Actor/Producer/Director - Corbin Bernsen

will be on the show. Not only has he worked with the actress, Diana Muldaur on LA Law who worked on Star Trek The Next Generation with LeVar Burton who is on The Hour this week. Corbin was involved with the trading of One Red Paperclip that was featured on The Hour in season two. It's all explained in that link. So how many degrees to George Stroumboulopoulos is the name of this game.

Friday March 6, 2009 (R)
in case you missed it
- NHL Commissioner - Gary Bettman
'Jay and Silent Bob' actor - Jason Mewes


Anonymous said...

I am UNBELIEVABLY excited about all the guests on this weeks SHOW!


Barbara said...

Even Nickelback?

Anonymous said...

reisman interview sucked

Barbara said...

What were you looking for in the Heather Reisman interview?