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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have a heart....

valentine candies Pictures, Images and Photosfunny valentine Pictures, Images and PhotosDark Valentine Pictures, Images and Photos
What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

From The Stroumboulopouli to you, to George & to everyone at The Hour, we wish for you a pleasant, commercially enriched V-Day (to keep our economy going, of course).

Sunday, Feb. 15th on The Strombo Show:
Interview snippets from Gordon Ramsey & Ron MacLean
Toronto's classic rock revivalists; Flash Lightnin.
This week on THE HOUR:
Mon, Feb 16
Dalton Conley
A social scientist and author of 'Elsewhere, U.S.A.' - examining how people today have moved on from distinctions of work and leisure, to a present 24hr workday of combining the two (coining the term: "weisure").

Pat Quinn

Pat Quinn Pictures, Images and Photos
Hockey coach for Canada's under-20 team; 2009 World Junior Champions, who brought home our country's fifth consecutive gold medal.

Tues, Feb 17

Lily Allen

Lily Allen Pictures, Images and Photos
UK pop musician with a new album out: 'It's Not Me, It's You', which takes on more mature subjects such as religion, politics & family tensions, and according to pop charts, is rising quite impressively; 'Fuck You Very Much' (It's one of her songs....honest!)

Ed Broadbent

Canadian political specialist & former NDP leader, who recently announced his support to Peter Tabuns, for the Ontario NDP leadership.

Wed, Feb 18
Emmanuel Jal

A former Sudanese child soldier, who brings a unique perspective into the world of Rap, including his thoughts turned to song, on 50 Cent.

Howie Mandel
howie mandel Pictures, Images and Photos
Canadian born comedian & game show host. Lets hope he stays in his seat this time!

Thur, Feb 19
Brian Mulroney

Former Prime Minister of Canada, who in 2006, was praised by Corporate Knights Magazine, as Canada's greenest Prime Minister.
Stephen Harper was among the guests and told reporters earlier in the day, that the celebration showed a new understanding of Mulroney by environmentalists.
He started out by saying: "At the time, I don't think there was any environmentalist who had anything good to say about Mr. Mulroney," Harper said of Mulroney's time as prime minister. HA! Irony anyone?

Rick Mercer
ruck mercer Pictures, Images and Photos
Canada's political satirist & funny man, who's slated this week to embark on a zero-gravity flight & will be checking out North America's most successful recycling program in Edmonton.

Fri, Feb 20
Lily Allen

UK pop musician
Garry Marshall
Hollywood actor, director and producer


Giggles said...

It's all about the love, whether it's loving yourself or others! It's a day to celebrate the power of love!!

Big virtual hug

Anonymous said...

Very true Giggles! I wonder if George had a special Valentine?

Tracy said...

An amazing and diverse slate of guests this week! I attended the Lily Allen interview taping - she is as sincere and disarmingly adorable as ever and if they didn't edit anything from the original, you don't want to take this girl on in Scrabble! Four letter word indeed.