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Monday, March 31, 2014

This week in Strombo Mar 31 - April 4

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

There are only two more weeks of show tapings, then the crew wrap it up and prepare for whatever is next for them. The show will still air on CBC until mid summer. The CBC website will still have all the video archives of The Hour/ George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight for now. Please keep checking in with and with us. Strombo will be found on HNIC in the fall every weekend. Any hockey fans dream job. Proud of you Strombo!
George is also talking about doing specials on CBC. He plans to continue The Strombo Show on radio. Details of that you can find here when we know more. 

I have been blogging about The Hour and GST now going on 8 years and it's the end of a great show that I love dearly and this makes me sad. There are so many talented members of  George's team (writers, researchers, producers, technical production staff and audience wranglers) that I would like to thank for their contributions to a great show day in and day out. Also I want to thank all the talented members past and present of this blog for contributing to it over the years.
You could say I have been blessed because I met so many great people through George, whether it be in line to see a taping, or online through people who follow G's tweets and posts. It probably happens with any fans of anything anywhere, but it feels uniquely Canadian, as an experience, to be in this club by supporting a national TV talk show and radio host.  I have made a lot of good friends by networking with these good people. Thanks George for being the catalysts.

For those who are curious how this blog was named,  Stroumboulopouli is a name coined by someone at CBC Newsworld to describe George's fans. We took that name and ran with it.  What I didn't know when I took on this creative Stroumboulopouli group blog is that it would guide/flavour/colour/shape my future. Part of me still can't believe I took it on. What a ride! 

If you ask people who like George what do they like about him they will say things like, he is so down to earth. Really friendly. Smart. Charismatic. Thoughtful. Remembers their name on second meeting. Is a talented interviewer. Knows his music, sports, politics, films. Makes a huge effort for charities. Is a good/* bad role model. Takes time to give back to broadcast/journalism students. Is a loyal friend.
What do you say when people ask you what it is about George that you like? You can comment below.

Monday Mar 31
at 7 and 11:30
The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird

At 7 pm GM of The Raptors Masai Ujiri

Tuesday Apr 1
Leader of the Federal Liberals The Honourable Justin Trudeau

Wednesday Apr 2 
Olympic medalist and world champion figure skater  Patrick Chan

 At 7 pm Olympic curler Jennifer Jones

Thursday Apr 3
Maple leaf Sports & Entertainment CEO Tim Leiweke
at 11:30  Documentary Filmmaker David Douglas
Friday Apr 4 
Singer/Musician Loreena McKennitt

Afflicted Filmmakers Derek Lee and Clif Prowse
Trailer for Afflicted


corrie heart said...

Before he leaves GST, I'd like to see George take up this Coronation Street challenge. 700,000 Canadian Corrie fans are waiting...

Barbara said...

George has featured Coronation Street actors on his show (you can search archives) and he has been to their set but I can say I am pretty certain he is not the expert on Corrie you hoped he would be. Mostly because he is still at work at 7:30... He puts in long days. Maybe now that the show is wrapping up taping April 10 he can sit back, relax and catch up on Canada's favourite soap. Challenge him next year.