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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Watch GST at 7 pm and GSTL at 11:30 pm (what?)

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight Late!
The 7 pm GST will be as advertized and the 11:30pm GST + Late (so it's now GSTL) will include the debrief and maybe include other changes. The show will now have musical performances again. George is also talking about having extended interviews on Fridays.
7 pm
11:30 pm
Here is the first new debrief from Monday night.

 My personal opinion...
As a long time fan I welcome the changes! It's a challenge for a Canadian talk show to compete with the US late night shows. Especially when those shows can produce viral video clips of comedic commentary on Mayor Rob Ford where our talk show was a day behind.  The way the CBC studio prerecorded and had to have an edited close captioned version up and out for 7 pm Atlantic time did not allow for same day changes. Taking the 11:30 rerun and adding a current debrief and making it a different version of the talk show has, as far as I know, never been done before outside of news programming. When the show was The Hour it had the time to edit for the same day and it had room to run all the features like musical acts and the debrief and commentary of current news while still featuring the longer interviews. This step George and the crew are taking, without any budget increase, makes the half hour show a two part one hour show. Both parts worth watching! I am also looking forward to the Friday longer interviews they talked about featuring. If you have ever been to a taping of the show you know that George interviews the guest for much longer than what you see on TV. It's always fascinating and deserves to be televised in it's long format. If you can't watch the two shows, set your PVR to record each of them. Watch it like a daily mini series. 

Enjoy Canada's early night and late night talk show!



MissM said...

Thank. GOODNESS. GSTLate is the show I fell in love with. WOOT!

I will be in Toronto the first week in December, I hope I can run George down-- I mean meet him.

YESSSSSSSS the Debrief is back.

Barbara said...