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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Strombo Show - October 20th, 2013

This blood
Is not as strange as all the buzz
It's sympathy from up above
Soakin' us in blood
And we learn the hard way

(This Blood by The Dears)

Tonight on the Strombo Show .. This band has been described by some as a cross between Serge Gainsbourg and The Smiths. Their frontman has been described as a cross between Morrissey (in fact, he has often been referred to as "The Black Morissey") and Damon Albarn of Blur.  The band?  The Dears.  The man?  Murray Lightburn, their lead vocalist and principal songwriter.  George will be chatting with Lightburn on tonight's Strombo Show.

Mass:Light is the name of Lightburn's recently released solo LP.  Two years in the making.  Absolutely secret, kept even from his wife, mother of his two children Neptune and Apollo, and fellow Dear, Natalia Yanchak.  The album finally saw the light of day in August, all instruments on the album played by Lightburn himself, with the exception of contributions by Evan Cranley and Chris Seligman of Stars on horns, and some string parts contributed by his daughter Neptune's music teacher.  Lightburn will be debuting  Mass: Light at Adelaide Hall in Toronto on October 20th, but George has him performing an acoustic set and talking about his new masterpiece tonight in the Broom Closet.

Also on The Strombo Show tonight's Nod To The Gods ... The Police ...

a look back at one of the founding Fathers (or Mothers) of Rock and Roll ... I was lucky enough (and am old enough, but don't tell anyone!) to have seen them live on this tour back in the day ...

Ten O'Clock with Tom Waits ..

The Magnificent 7, the top 7 musical tracks of the week ...

As well as The Big Lie Down, where George tucks us all into a collective state of National Slumber.  Jack, Ziggy and Vermeer know what it's all about.

You can hear The Strombo Show on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday nights, from 8 to 11 pm.  See you there.  ;)

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