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Saturday, January 05, 2013

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight: January 7-11, 2013

One of the greatest aspects of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight is its promotion of Canadian content and this week is no exception. We get to meet our nation’s stars and listen to some fantastic in depth interviews. Here is what this week has in store for us.

Yannick Bisson may have been born in Montreal, but he began acting when he moved to Toronto as a teenager. He starred in the TV movie Hockey Night with Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables) and Rick Moranis.  Although he has starred in other Canadian series and features such as High Tide, Soul Food, Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, and other projects he is often associated with his lead role in Murdoch Mysteries which has its sixth season premiere tonight at 9pm (9:30NT). Yannick is married to Chantal Craig and has three adult daughters Brianna, Dominique, and Mikaela. Yannick will discuss his career and life with George. Our panel includes

Lauren Hammersley When Lauren isn’t doing photography and stand-up comedy, she is acting full time. She has starred in Stag, Jon Dore Television Show, and Mr. D.
David Sutcliffe is originally from Saskatoon and holds an English Literature degree from University of Toronto. David’s varsity basketball career was short lived as he had sustained a knee injury and later moved to waiting tables at a greasy diner while he pursued acting. He is most known for his roles on Gilmore Girls, Private Practice and has now moved onto Cracked, an hour long crime drama on CBC. George will discuss acting, psychology and TV with David. And our panel features 

Shaun Majumder was born in Burlington, Newfoundland to a European descended mother and Bengali Hindu Indian father. He started his career on YTV’s Clips, but is most known for his work on CBC’s This Hour has 22 Minutes. Although he is associated with his alter ego, Raj Binder, Shaun has appeared on other shows like Republic of Doyle and The Firm. He also played Kumar’s brother in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.  Shaun is also proud of his Newfoundland heritage and it shows in his HBO documentary Every Word is Absolutely True. 


Adam Rueben Beach is a Canadian Saulteaux actor who was born in Ashern, Manitoba. He grew up on the Lake Manitoba/Dog Cree First Nation Reserve and lost his mother when he was eight years old to a drunk driver. Eight months after his mother’s death, his father drowned in a nearby community unable to deal with his grief. He and his brothers were put into residential schools before embarking on his illustrious career in television and film. Adam has starred in Smoke Signals, Walker Texas Ranger, Flags of our Fathers, Windtalkers, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Law and Order: SVU, Skinwalkers, Thief of Time and now the lead on Arctic Air. He is also currently involved in the Idle No More campaign. George discusses acting, filming up north, and getting older with Adam. The panel features stand-up comedian Darrin Rose

Darrin Rose can be seen as Bill on Mr. D. Audiences may also know him from his time on Videos on Trial.


Ron James was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and has a degree in History and Political Science from Acadia University. He originally intended to be a History Teacher, but fell under the influence of Helen Starr Bogg who ran the theatre program there. Upon graduating he moved to Toronto where he worked at Second City and later moved to LA where he had an interesting career. He has also done voice work in animation for shows including Star Wars: Ewoks and RoboCop: The Animated Series. James also played a bank security guard in Tommy Boy. Ron is mostly known for his stand-up comedy and associated with The Ron James Show, which debuted its fourth season premiere earlier this week.

Plus, our comedy panel features stand-up comedian Jonny Harris

Jonny Harris is a Canadian comedian from Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and can be seen as George on Murdoch Mysteries, which had its sixth season premiere on Monday night. He has also appeared on the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Halifax Comedy Festival, The Debaters and The Sketchertons

Friday’s show will feature the best of the week. 

Remember to tune into CBC Radio 2  tomorrow night to hear the conclusion of The Hundo on on The Strombo Show where George will count down the top 50 songs of 2012.

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