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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This week in Strombo Oct 8 - 12

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Enjoy it on-line on or on CBC TV

Monday Oct 8
The whole half hour on  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Promoting his new book, "Total Recall" Schwarzenegger's always been a bit of a controversial figure, from his body building championships, acting, political career and private life ... let's see what he's willing to verbally recall on GTonight.

Tuesday Oct 9
Cesar Millan

Problem pooch?  Then self taught dog whisperer Cesar Millan just might have the advice you need! Be sure to watch GTonight and see if our host learns any new tricks ;)

Neal Brennan

Best know for his comedic capabilities and co-creating Chapelle's Show the Emmy nominated director and actor joins George to help us laugh off the last of the Thanksgiving turkey lethargy.

Wednesday Oct 10
Emmanuel Lewis

Former child star of the hit series, "Webster" sits to chat about where his life is heading now.

*The Stroumboulopouli wish to express their condolences to Emmanuel Lewis and the family of Alex Karras. Alex Karras played the role of Webster's adopted father, George Papadapolis ... as well as being an actor Mr. Karras was a professional wrestler and football player.  He passed away October 10, 2012 of kidney failure.

Linwood Barclay

The award winning author had not one, but two, novels come out this year; "360: A Novel" and "Trust Your Eyes", which is now being made into a film.

Thursday Oct 11
Paul Shaffer

The recent host of the 14th annual Canada's Walk of Fame is someone you may of heard of, he's the music director on a little late night talk show south of the border ... now that GTonight is on at 7pm ... you may have seen it ;)

Daniel Levy

Canadian TV personality, actor, writer and self proclaimed glasses wearer hangs out with G and us. 

Friday Oct 12
The best of the week

Okay readers ... what would YOU have voted your best of this week?


MissM said...

I'm so excited to see Linwood Barclay. I read Trust Your Eyes in record time and I can't wait to see it made into a film! His books are TOPS!

I remember meeting Emmanuel once, since he used to live here in Georgia. Really sweet guy.

Barbara said...

MissM you live in Georgia. I work with a Georgian stand-up comedian, maybe you know him, Ward Anderson.