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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What has been cancelled at the CBC?

The CBC budget cuts have caused a lot of stress among the people that work for CBC and the viewer and listeners that love it. Some have been holding their breath to find out if their beloved radio or television shows have been impacted. There were whispers that Republic of Doyle might get cut. Good news is it hasn't! But I am sad that The Debaters was. It showcased Canada's best stand up comics in debate action and should have been supported and enjoyed by more people.
Being Erica had some talk of coming back for a wrap up season like Little Mosque had but that seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.  
Here is an article from The Toronto Star listing some the cuts and what is here to stay for another season. 

For the record, I was never worried that George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight nor the Strombo Show would be cancelled. Harper would not dare! 

Here is more about the budget cuts from the CBC herself.  


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