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Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 begins with...

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

Monday Jan 2 2012
Oscar nominated Actress Meg Tilly

Author and business guru Seth Godin

Canada Read's Author  John Valliant

Tuesday Jan 3 2012

John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten

Psychologist and Author Steven Pinker

Actress Michelle Thrush currently in the APTN series Blackstone

Wednesday Jan 4 2012

Director David Cronenberg

Actress Grace Lynn Kung from CBC's hit show InSecurity

Former teacher Gerry Dee stars in his new CBC comedy about a high school teacher Mr. D

Thursday Jan 5 2012

Inspirational Speaker Spencer West

Friday Jan 6 2012

Best of the Week

Performance by blues singer Cold Specks

Happy 2012!


Philip said...

I believe George only starts filming interviews and shows again only next week Am I right in that is why this week features three interviews for the first week (at least for the first two shows) like they were "best of the week" episodes. These must be for interviews for the new CBC Winter season and ones that he may have wanted to burn off before the start of 2012?

I just wish that I could watch the show on TV properly now with the switch to digital. I am still using a converter box as we had an antenna. I get CTV and a french station, but when I try to get CBC or Radio-Canada, I get it some days and then other days, I can't get either station at all. Add to that, before the switch over, I could hear CBC on 87.7 on radio, but nowadays, the station has gone fuzzy. I miss my George and Coronation Street!!! :(

Barbara said...

I used a converter and antenna too. I got CTV, CBC, Global, TVO and Omni and some US stations. When I got a new TV I gave away my converter, bought a new antenna and I got some of those channels better.

Barbara said...

They did tapings last week.