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Sunday, August 28, 2011

On GST this week Aug 29 - Sept 2

As a tribute to Jack Layton, George placed a white mustache on his Twitter photo.
He called it trustache and it caught on with people who wanted to pay that tribute to Jack.
Chalk mustaches could be seen on the ground and walls at City Hall as a variation of the mustache tribute.
Jack Layton had been on The Hour and the RMR a number of times and could be encountered around the City of Toronto and across the country at many charity, public and of course political events. He will be missed.
RIP Jack Layton and thank you!

The Strombo Show
Sunday Aug 28
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George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week

Monday Aug 29
Bollywood Superstar

Author of the Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary
Tuesday Aug 30 
Author of The Emperor of All Maladies
Actor, writer, comedian
Wednesday Aug 31 
Musical artist
Thursday Sept 1 
Pornographer, activist
Friday Sept 2 
Canadian comedian


Sherry said...

Friday is Sept 2nd (not 3rd)

Barbara said...

Good point. I think it was just a typo. Thanks for pointing it out so I could make the correction. :-)