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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Influential People and Funny People

The Strombo Show
Sunday March 6
First Strombo Show for March.  Bring on spring. We are excited to share
some amazing new music in the G12 Countdown, including new material from
the US South, Canadian Art Rockers gone Pop, Rock God's from the UK, and
much more.  Radio 2 Drive Host Rich Terfry is coming through and playing
selections from his favourite music videos, we are really looking
forward to this segment.  The Blend Mini Mix is provided by Winnipeg's
Birdapres.  The CanCon don Alex Narvaez stops in with some Canadian hip
hop, and we also celebrate one of Canada's most important musical cities
birthday, which should bring some love from listeners and some hate.

8pm-11 CBC Radio 2

Follow along on twitter @strombo
  contributed by
Darby Wheeler

George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Monday March 07
 How to run the world. Parag Khanna

Tuesday March 08 
Canadian comedian, actor  John Dore

Wednesday March 09
From beloved Newfoundland actor, writer, producer, TV host, director Mary Walsh

Thursday March 10
George will be at the Genie Awards in Ottawa so Thursday's show will featureTwo Genie contenders
Director of  the Oscar nominated, unforgettable film Incendies  Denis Villeneuve

and Actor Paul Giamatti for Barney's Version

Friday March 11
Humourist, author Drew Hayden Taylor

Plus a performance by Montreal's own  
The Dears


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