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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love and Black History Month

The Strombo Show 
CBC Radio 2 Sunday Nights 8pm- 11pm 
Feb 13/2011
We celebrate Valentine's day Strombo Show style.    
CBC Radio 2 Morning's Bob Mackowycz follows up last week's Break Up segment with classic love songs. Ottawa Songwriter Jim Bryson stops in to talk about his favourite high school memories of Valentine's Day, which we will follow up with a High school Dance version of the 80's Dance Party . The G12 Countdown brings you our best new music of the week, and Skratch Bastid contributes the special Valentine's Day edition of The Blend.


George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Monday Feb 14
Actress and Author of Sexy Forever How to fight fat after 40
How romantic.  

Tuesday Feb 15
Professor and Author Angela Davis

Wednesday Feb 16
Beloved Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent 

Thursday Feb 17
Author, Boxer and Advocate of the wrongfully convicted  

Friday Feb 18
Up and coming Canadian filmmaker Ed Gass-Donnelly
This picture was borrowed from BlogTO

Canadian Indie Artist Peter Elkas 

In other news... 

CBC announces 2011-2012 season
The Great news is CBC is renewing George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight for another season!
The bad news is the CBC is giving Gerry Dee his own show...


Joe said...

Is George off on Thursday? I'm sure Hurricane Carter was on a few weeks ago?

I am kind of apprehensive of the Suzanne Somers interview. Even though I still like Three's Company, I think that Miss Somers will still try and promote cancer therapy alternatives and George will just agree with her.

Barbara said...

I think the De-brief will be current even if some of the interviews this week are re-aired. Some are fresh.

Joe said...

Thursday's episode WAS just a rebroadcast of the Hurricane Carter episode. I've just noticed that next week's episodes are all repeats. Is George working on a shortened schedule. I mean he just had a week off last week? He seems to be having less episodes than last series. Is this somethingto do with The CBC budget cuts? I've noticed that last season 22 Minutes was on all season long (with the Budget cuts) and now this season, they were only on in the Fall.

How come we're getting fewer episodes this season? It's a bit off putting.

Barbara said...

He may not be taping studio shows next week but he is working. He will be filming out of the country. It will be both for GS Tonight and for other projects he is working on.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever announce the winners of the "experience of a lifetime" contest or have they aired any clips from that contest?

Just curious, it looked like a great contest.


Barbara said...

Erin I was wondering that myself. When the crew come back from March Break I will ask 'em.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Barbara for looking into it. I thought I missed the announcement.

...maybe this means I still have a chance of winning. :)


Barbara said...

The contest winners were announced on last nights show. Erin... I don't think I heard your name mentioned. Sorry.