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Saturday, December 11, 2010

TRONtonians got TRONsformed by George

 This past week George has been tweeting up a storm about something cool happening Thursday.
His public tweets on Dec 6th to people like Amber Mac, Carlos Diaz and broadcaster Jim Richards promised something cool for TRONtonians that he was working on that would happen Thursday and ask everyone to be ready for it! The word spread and these teases continued until the Big reveal Thursday the 9th in the early evening.

 in this picture Jim Richards, Strombo, Carlos Diaz and Amber Mac + Tron
George Stroumboulopoulos along with Disney and the CN Tower presented the world wide premier of the movie Tron's Legacy.The first people to show up for the tweetup at the CN Tower got to be the first to see Tron's Legacy inside the CN tower's theater. Included in this fun, free evening is a ride up to the top for an amazing photo op!
I was not there but I heard back from people who went that they loved Tron, Jeff Bridges' acting and the music by Daft Punk. They had a great time! More pictures can be found here

Goes to show you don't need the film's stars to have a world premier. 


Anonymous said...

(psst ~ not really a "world premiere" if it just premiered in London, UK the Sunday before though, right?)

Barbara said...

Oh well.