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Sunday, November 14, 2010

This Week...

Sunday comes too quickly and Monday right after, just like clockwork... back to work, back to school. Damn. If you're in reach of a radio or want to stream a little online action you might want to tune into CBC Radio2 for the Strombo Show from 8pm-Midnight.

After freezing his ass off, working with Polar Bears in Manitoba, I am sure George will be happy to be back in the relative warmth of the T-dot, taping and airing new shows. Here's who's up this week:

Monday, November 15th

Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Founder, activist and master marketer -- Richard Branson knows how to create a positive buzz and influence change wherever he travels, while making a bucket load of cash to boot. He was recently in Canada to shine a light on one of his favoured causes - alleviating homelessness.
Tuesday, November 16th
George Galloway
Political shit disturber and banned from Canada for his pro-Palistian views, former British MP George Galloway's previous appearances were via satellite. Reportedly, he has plans to sue the Canadian Government for being denied entry. Thanks, but I think my taxes are already high enough...
Wednesday, November 17th
Les Stroud
Survivalist, author, TV personality Les Stroud makes a return appearance on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight to promote his latest book - Will to Live. Cross your fingers girls, maybe he'll be rocking the chest hair/bitchin' man jewelry combo like in the above photo!
Thursday November 18th
Jamie Oliver
Jamie is among the most popular of the celebrity chefs. With umpteen cookbooks, TV series and even live cooking events under his belt, his niche seems to be in helping improve people's diets - whether with lobbying for sweeping changes for UK schoolchildren in 'School Dinners' or in towns across the UK in 'Jamie's Food Revolution'; he wants us to eat quality and cut the crap out of our diets. One question though... should I trust the judgement of a dude who has consciously named his kids Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom and the cringe inducing and future schoolyard ass kicking in the making moniker - Buddy Bear Maurice?

Friday, November 19th
Callum Keith RennieRennie is one of those actors that you know, but may not be able to instantly place. He has been in a laundry list of films, TV series and guest shots. Perhaps you best know him from Battlestar Galactica, 24 or maybe the interesting mystery series Harper's Island? With an effortless ability to melt into character, he'll be around for years to come.
Luke Doucet & The White Falcon
Get set to have your socks rocked, kids! One of Canada's best guitarists and talented songwriters, Luke Doucet has been around the music scene for many years. So gifted is he that he joined Sarah McLachlan's band at 19. His newest album - the fantastic Steel City Trawler features nods to his adopted home base of Hamilton Ontario. If you buy the CD, beside great tunes there is a truly awesome series of cartoons. Luke is currently making his way back to Ontario via the Praries for a few shows with his Six Shooter label mates, the fabulous TO band The Beauties. Check Luke Doucet`s website HERE for dates and ticket info. You won`t be sorry. A big group of friends and I have had tix for one of their shows for over a month... also touring with Luke is his uber talented wife, vocalist and guitar player, Melissa McClelland.
Have a great week everyone.


Barbara said...

You are in luck. From Monday to Friday they are all on his Television show.

Anonymous said...

There is a pattern of repeat guests this season (not including the re-runs)

Anonymous said...

Yes he show is old and stale even george knows this

Barbara said...

The conversation is always fresh!