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Sunday, January 30, 2011

George Strombo this week

Sunday evening 8pm 'til 11
On the Strombo Show CBC Radio 2's Bob Mackowycz stops in to plays a collection of songs with City names in the title. Also they premiere a new weekly segment called The Blend, which is a 15 minute mix from creative folks. The first mix is from Vancouver producer/musicologist Sipreano. Plus the G12 and other regular favourites. 


George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight 
this week

January 31, 2011

Professional poker player and now author Annie Duke.

February 1, 2011

'Scrubs' Actor  Zach Braff

is in The High Cost of Living


February 2, 2011

Actor Stuart Townsend

will play the title character in XIII

February 3, 2011

Vanilla Ice a.k.a. Robert VanWinkle 

has a fascinating story to tell

February 4, 2011

Journalist and Author Mark Hertsgaard


Psychedelic power pop band Mystery Jets

 For more info on these guests go to


One more thing. I rented and watched Score A Hockey Musical for the first time today. I love funny Canadian films that don't take themselves seriously. I laughed a lot. I was entertained by it's kitschy homespun national playfulness! I was also surprised how good George was in the role of  Hockey Arena Announcer. He always seems to put himself down by declaring he is 'not an actor and can only play himself', but he ends up in a lot of Canadian films despite his modesty, and I am convinced he is improving as an actor and he can no longer claim he 'can't really act'. Well done!

Just my opinion.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stop the meter!

 On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this is what George had to say

Here is an odd animation that explains further

To sign the petition
Thank you Melanie N. for bringing this to my attention. Thank you George for spreading the word.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A number of returning guests this week

The Strombo Show this Sunday from 8pm 'til 11 pm on CBC Radio 2

INXS member Kirk Pengilly pays a visit this week and plays some tunes with George.
Plus the usual highlights the G12, 10 O'clock with Tom and the Big Lie Down... 
On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week 

Monday January 24 Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Tuesday January 25 Bollywood film star Aamir Khan

Wednesday January 26, Canadian Author Douglas Coupland

Thursday January 27 Canadian Actor Zaib Shaikh plays Imam Amaar Rashid on "Little Mosque on the Prairie"

Friday January 28 Conor Grennan is a traveler turned humanitarian and Author of Little Princes.
The Pack a.d. A duo from Vancouver that play garage rock/pop/punk/blues

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Denis Villeneuve on confronting fear through film

Award winning Director Denis Villeneuve's film Incendies is a film about love and war. 
The full interview airs January 20 at 11:05PM on CBC television. It will also be available internationally online at

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor Kitsch on hockey and being homeless

Here is a quick clip of George and Taylor's conversation about his homeless experience in NY and LA while working as a Model and taking classes. The full interview can be found  at 

Taylor Kitsch was born on April 8th, 1981 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
He plays Wolverine in X-Men Origins. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

There has been a change of plans for Friday

A change has been made for Friday January 21st on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight...

The change is because on Sunday night  - Claire Danes won the Golden Globe Award for BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION for her role in "Temple Grandin" (HBO) at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards.- 

George Stroumboulopoulos interviewed Temple Grandin herself and here is a sneak-peek clip from the interview: 
The entire interview will be re-aired Friday Jan 21 at 11:05. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan16-21 Strombo-wise

Sunday Jan 16th

The Strombo Show 8pm -11pm on CBC Radio 2
George is solo this Sunday night.
No Bob and no Rich.

Strombo takes the time to pays some tributes and gives us all a few history lessons on rock and roll but he only has three hours to do it... tune in and take notes!
On George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Jan 17th - 21st
Monday, Author Karen Armstrong.
Tuesday, Actor Taylor Kitsch.
Wednesday, Actor Christopher Plummer.
Thursday, Director Denis Villeneuve.
And Friday The Polar Bear Special.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rosamund Pike on Aging and Miniskirts

Sneak peak of Rosamund discussing her role in ‘Barney’s Version’ on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

Sunday, January 09, 2011

GST Jan 9th to the 14th

This week kicks off with The Strombo Show
The Strombo Show is three hours of music for music lovers, made by music lovers GeorgeBob and you from CBC Radio 2 at 8 pm to 11pm every Sunday night.
Tonight the show features songs under 3 minutes long.

on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight this week
Monday January 10
CBC's Republic of Doyle star Allan Hawco aka Jake Doyle.

Tuesday January 11
Singer/Songwriter/Musician Josh Groban

Wednesday January 12
Director Peter Weir

Thursday January 13
Actor Rosamund Pike - Barney's Version

Friday January 14
Controversial and influential Singer/Songwriter/Artist M.I.A.

Canadian indie band: Zeus
Each name is a link and you can find more info on Strombo
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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Healthy looking week on GS Tonight

Sunday Jan 2 2011
This is the final week of Strombo's 100 or as G calls it StromboHundo.The best final third of the 100 songs featured on the Strombo Show's wrap up of 2010. 
G. Stroumboulopoulos

StromboHundo is on the homestretch tonight on the . Hear what the mainstream slept on. Starts at 8p @

ON G S Tonight this week...

Monday Jan 3 2011

Dr. Ali Zentner is starring a new CBC show, 'Village on a Diet'.

Friend of the show and Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver

Tuesday Jan 4 2011
Welsh Singer Paul Potts
Actress/Singer Jill Hennessy

Wednesday Jan 5 2011
French Canadian award winning Actor Rémy Girard

Thursday Jan 6 2011
Canadian Heavyweight Boxer George Chuvalo

Friday Jan 7 2011
A Sudanese musician and former child soldier Emmanuel Jal

Chrissie Hynde is a Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter for the Pretenders

For details about each guest please click on their names also check out
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions? Live Right Now for a challenge

I hope you had a joyous New Year's Eve and 2011 will be a healthy and prosperous year for you.

I got this interesting information in my email from the CBC Toronto Community.
For information about this program in your local community, for example, Montreal would be 

This January, CBC is launching a new initiative to inspire Canadians to live healthier lives. Ready to take the challenge, Canada? Join us for LIVE RIGHT NOW! Over the next 6 months, CBC will provide you with the tools you'll need to make better choices and improve your overall health.

We're kicking it all off on Monday, January 3rd at the Metro Central YMCA. Join a roster of CBC talent including George Stroumboulopoulos, Amanda Lang, Matt Galloway, Anne-Marie Mediwake, Dwight Drummond and more. Plus, participate in boot camp and yoga classes.

When: Monday - January 3, 2011
Where: Metro-Central YMCA, 20 Grosvenor Street, Toronto
5:30am - 11:30pm  Metro-Central YMCA open to public for free
9:00am - 5:00pm LIVE RIGHT NOW registration drive
12:00pm - 12:30pm Boot camp class
1:00pm - 1:30pm Yoga class

Join the LIVE RIGHT NOW movement - together we can change the health of this country.
To take your first step towards a healthier lifestyle, visit:

I just joined up and took on a challenge! It's as easy as making the choice to do it.